Trusted Player Application-[MK]PRODIGY$

  • Hey there. My gaming name is [MK]PRODIGY$ but my real one i don't like to display. I am from Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. I am 13 years of age. My birthday is on the 14 of September. I started playing Call of duty Modern Wafer in 2013 when i got my first personal computer . I played some Team Death march for a bit, but then it got boring. I went to play Hide and seek prop hunt and became PRO seeker level 116 . I want to become a trusted player because on kill the king there are a few guys who try to disturb the game play. You can check my GUIDE here 3xP' Statistics ~ All about your game play « Search. I have already read the rules and DO and DON'T.

  • I gave you the advice to modify your application a bit, but this is alright too.
    Just one question though: have you read the guidelines and requirements for a trusted player?
    Even though his application might not be perfect he deserves a full +1

  • Apparently you change your key often too, what for?
    Also since theres a new wave of trusted applications,
    im gonna remember about this thread here.

    Hence, due to the increasing amount of trusted players now playing on our servers, starting from today (02-12-2014), and until further notice, we decided to have a stricter judgement and accept less applications.

    This means, that only very good applications will be accepted.
    Any too short application, too badly formatted, with too many spelling mistakes, or missing any of the required information, will be instantly rejected, and the applicant won't be able to apply again for the next 3 months, unless an administrator expressly authorizes him to.

    I gave you the advice to modify your application a bit, but this is alright too.

    No it isnt.
    To create a thread in this section you cant possibly miss the
    sticky on top, which says CoD4 Trusted player application - Read before applying.
    Needless to say his application is missing most of the required things.
    He's supposed to read it before and its very easy to find as well.
    I think we have enough trusted players already and we do not have to accept everyone.
    Sorry for the harsh words, [MK]PRODIGY$, but you have my no.

  • Hey !

    I'm 100% agree with posts up there.
    U have too many multi accounts with punishments because of insulting/spamming/annoying. Also, your app is (for me) too short, not edited and doesn't contain some things.

    Everything is explained here - CoD4 Trusted player application - Read before applying.. I think u do not fulfill all requirements, too.

    To sum this up - sorry, no ofense, but no from my side.

    $ i w y .exe

  • I think everything has been said. Mostly, your application is not good enough.



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