Panda Eyes CJ Application

  • Greetings 3xp community.I will take an app to join 3xp clan.

    Reasons to join: Well I have a lot of free time plus.I like 3xp community/server and people.(especially hawky and noname but I think I annoy them both) and since i joined 3xp servers a lot of people helped me to imporve both movement and technique

    Ingame Name: Panda Eyes AKA Pandalien

    About me: My Name is alexander. Im 18 Years old and im from greece.I know a little bit of english but i forgot how to write or speak because i was hospitalized for 8 months by "mental illness or should I said physical illness"(im fine right now) so lets say now im "recovering".I live in Greece and i mastered 2 languages and im learning 2(mastered Greek/Albanian) (learning english/japanesse) I especially like codjumping because i suck at killing.Ive been playing since 2010 and im still a huge noob but I try my best.(first map ever and still favorite crazy_jump and Peds_propel which a had a project for peds propel (remake) but i gave up and my hard drive was at terrible had bad sector).I love watching anime.few people said to me "anime is for kids" yeah right

    . if you want anime suggestion feel free to PM me.


    3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details

    Firstseen: 19.Aug.2013 00:08:51

    Lastseen: 21 Hours ago

    Connections: 96

    Online Time: 80.31 hours (I will fill the 100 hours dont worry)

    (if someone says something for the names is just CFG tests which i made recently for 3xp movie team which i didnt apply.)

    Codjumper Skills: Im not advanced enough and I have only completed mp_chance Inter and mp_morningstar(almost hard keep trying)

    Other Skills: Mostly im making CFGS and recently I started making MCFGS and a little bit Photoshop and Afters Effects(FX)

    I think thats all.And dont tease me about my english. || thanks.

  • Im gonna wait to see what the others say before i post my oppinion :D

  • Hello,

    First of all i'd like to say, i'm sorry to hear about what you've been through with being hospitalized; I can relate to that and I hope you have a speedy recovery.

    I've seen you around a few times the past few days although when connecting you seem to be in spectator AFK a lot of the time.

    my point is; as of Tuesday 6:17pm you stated you had 80 hours playtime, although now you have 100+ and counting, I'm just not sure if you have 'Been active' and not just connecting and leaving yourself in spectator.

    >> I haven't really spoke with you, maybe a word now and then although I'd like to get to know you as a person more, i'll edit my final opinion later on/tomorrow :whistling:


    Actually I was AFK or should I say "Obvserving" other people because i was downloading but I guess thats not the point.Either way I reached 100+ hours why do I need to still AFK?dosent sound logic

    Hello, I'm not here to argue/question you about your activity, I was just stating that when I've connected for example last night shortly after your posted '100 Hours reached' you was AFK in spectator non-responsive even after a few map changes,

    I wouldn't call that 'Observing'; as I said above I think it'll be best to get to know you more and for you to have a chat with the others too so we all get to know each other, once we've spoke more etc i'll decide on my yes/no.
    Thank you.

  • Actually I was AFK or should I say "Obvserving" other people because i was downloading but I guess thats not the point.Either way I reached 100+ hours why do I need to still AFK?dosent sound logic

    i dont want to argue im just explaining myself xD.I would probably felt asleep or making dinner but i think i was afk about a hour or two then i remember that I played with hawky and Toad(dont know if number1 or number2) and thanks for the yes.You will know me better anyway xD

  • Yo Pandalien

    First of all thx for your application and your interest in the CJ-Team.

    I saw you a few times on our server now and i saw all of your posts on the forums.
    I unfortunately have to say that you are kinda unsympathetic to me.
    Maybe i have a wrong impression of you but i dont think that you fit into this team.

    I dont mean to be rude but #no from me.


  • Hello @Pandalien,

    In all honesty I have to somewhat agree with Drizz in a way for multiple reasons when going back at our conversations.

    Do not take these to heart, these are just how I see you as a person. - It's always nice to receive feedback to work towards.


  • As you got some bad feedback from some of the teammembers, we talked a little bit about you and your application, and decided to not accept you.

    Of course you are still welcome on our server n stuff ;P


  • Sorry for taking me so long.Im fine with your anwers and btw Jayme my cards real name is Tesla K40 my system "reads" it ss 4400 and I indeed said that I have x3 SSD which are "x2 external" as I remember and also see for urself which.I use 1 "500GB SSD as operation system" and x2(as external space) for "Anime" and "60 GB" for Testing Windows 10.Guys i dont want to be unsympathetic and etc.I just may be scumbag sometimes but im not really mean or something well i dont need to do something else but wait I guess to meet me better.I dont want to be "hated" and also as for spectating time I just did this to "reach 100 hours" but if i was beign accepted or not I will reach 100 hours more so its nothing different.Drizz you are not beign mean actually your are beign too honest which I like honesty to people,its just your opinion towards me I play only at night (+2 GMT = 1 hour forward from the server time)I cant meet all of you to communicate better since only hawk and noname and recently more 3xp members join the server and they know me better.I just want to "fit in" is that what I mean I dont want to be unsympathetic and hated.I maybe be a "troll" some times just to change the mood or talk about something.

    proof for jayme I guess