Right of reply

  • You're obviously a teenage brat rocy

    I cry like you.

    but I'm looking for my rights.

    If you and Ryder as small children playing in the park rather than play Call of Duty 4, I'm looking for my right player at the unjust.

    Show me the proof that I'm not certain tricks.

    You are citizens of Israel.
    Turkey has a grudge against you as well

    ryder and therefore you throw without demo players without proof

    why not play in the park and you like yours?
    CoD4 plays the parking lot?

    You have not shown evidence of me.
    and you have asked me an apology.

    your powers are still there.

    It means that the master and managers are turning a blind eye to injustice.

    your server in an admin unfair ban, do not apologize when kicker horse.

    the ban does not open.

    admin How did you come to see my FNRP is my clan happens.

    You saw how to behave in this way an admin player.

    Ryder, and we watched the rocky admins, I followed,

    all using the macro script.

    Be macro, beautiful is it that when using sicript player you use it, why are you taking the ban?

    I use a good knife you saying he cheated me for no reason, do not dispose of stupidity proven.

    Before macro yourself, stop using the script.

    then me and he refused to insult players

    then I leave and he insulted the players.

    KTK also began losing players faced you realize.
    this is because the rocky, because like Ryder.

    Players are throwing game without cause.

    people who use the abuse of authority are not penalized.
    why is that?

    Why do you argue with a faulty admins?

    ediyormus you follow your own admins?

    admins tricks, using macro scripts Do you follow you?

    I think you can not do any of this.
    You then authorize the server will not keep the player.

    I want to tell you the players the server and the server is no longer going to FFC.

    these criminals ryder, rocky and diyer of

    If you do not receive an apology and still now does not wish the powers of the abusers faulty powers of losing players to the server it is natural.

    I do not know why authorize young children

    their mental age is merely the age of barely play in the park.

    Why not pay the price for their mistakes.

    Why are their admins macro, using scripts?

    Why insult to the players swearing your own admins, and you let them?

    I now want to lock this issue.

    because they have to deal with small children.

    ANCA and diyer you deal with.

    I can not deal with this kind of baby.

    parents have entrusted you, you take care

  • Oh god and I thought my Link to the Demo was right in the post and would finally resolve the issue :/

    Hoscakal, you really don't seem to be interested in a solution of your tempban and rather start to try and get your own Racism through this matter. Yet again you tell me and Rockky being 'citizens of Israel'. Don't you start being racist yourself by trying to Link ourselves with grudges between Israel and Turkey? As Toxic Potato said in the Shoutbox,
    "I just saw the Hoscakal thing and I have to ask, What do I have to do with this? Why are you including Israel and racism? That has nothing to do with anything concerning your ban."

    You should've read what Ufaced said in the last Thread but I'm guessing you skipped the most important Parts.

    @UFaced , I think you are yet again needed here.

  • @HOSCAKAL I don't understand you. I said you would NOT be banned, because there was no solid proof that you cheated.
    And actually, as I already said earlier, I don't think you cheated, and I believe you when you say you don't cheat.
    So yes, Rhoyder and rockky might have made a mistake. But everyone makes mistakes. It happens. I told you I won't ban you, I told you I believe you, what more do you want? If that's an apology that you want, it won't happen. Why? Because you have insulted a lot of people here already. We don't apology to people who insult and harass other people.

    But you are becoming, really, really annoying. It looks like you don't even read what people are writing, and what I wrote. You just keep saying the same stuff over and over again, even though I already told you you were wrong on many things. I'm talking about the "racism" accusations in particular. Countries do NOT matter here. We're a worldwide clan and we would NEVER tolerate any kind of racism. We're a gaming clan and we couldn't care less about where you come from. We don't give a fuck that you come from Turkey, as we don't give a fuck that I come from France, as I don't give a fuck that many people in this clan come from Germany. If you can't understand that, you're the only racist guy here. Hopefully you're not.

    Also, if you haven't been unbanned during the 24 hours of your tempban, it is because I didn't even switched on my computer during this time. So I was not even able to unban you. It is the summer holidays here for me, and holidays for all the admins as well I believe, and I'd rather be on the beach than on my computer. We all have lives apart from gaming and if we're not available at the exact moment when you have a request, just deal with it and move on.

    Now that this is said, as I believe you didn't cheat, and from what I've seen you're not really causing trouble on our server, I won't permanently ban you, even though you're becoming extremely annoying on our forums.
    However, if you talk again even once about something unrelated to the topic (= your tempban), or if you ever insult someone again on our forums (yes, telling someone that "their mental age is merely the age of barely play in the park" is insulting), I will ban you from our forums.
    I just lost (once again) over 20 minutes of my holidays to answer to you just because I'm kind enough to take this time because I like to be fair. But it was the last time that this happens. Now I'm just asking you to read what I wrote, understand and play in compliance with the rules, or leave. I'm not even asking you to answer to me, I don't care about that.

    About our server, if you wish to continue playing on it, just respect the rules. It's very hard to understand what you write sometimes because translators are bad, so I'm not sure what you said about using macro etc, but actually I don't care, just read the rules and respect them.

    You can read again my post here to see more about the rules:
    idiot ryder why banned

    I will let this topic open for now, in the case you have something to add. However, don't expect me to answer, I might not. And I invite you to think twice before you write.
    Also, when this topic is closed, DON'T open another one about the same issue. If I choose to close a topic, it's my choice and I have my reasons, and you have to respect this choice. Thank you.


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  • Ufaced
    Ryder and diyer The macro uses the script.
    but Ryder is meant against me.
    It gives me a warning.

    before your own admins macro, you use the script

    I ask you, to look at the game and see records that are insulting me.

    In these games ryder, Dertour and he admins looking for an excuse to throw me a lie ban.

    Macro themselves, using the script, but they continue to give me no reason warning.

    You said you do not grudge, but he also 3XP görüyorumki still trying to throw games without cause.

    I request you Ryder errors and resentment because of the privileges I get
    Ryder, Dertour, Rocky still doing racism.
    get information.

    and still being insulted by me saying stupid idiot, they are

    make the connection to my computer, and you know who viewed the game.

    You will see that there is cheating on my computer.

    Ryder Why? stupid.

    Turkish players all have a grudge against, especially if you have a grudge against me.

    and yet you realize GHOST, SAHİN F, players play as long s servers are not entered into lovers.

    enter the server with me because of the injustice they decided to.

    but I wanted to re-enter the server I talked with them.

    Ryder still do not enter all 3XP me for no reason, if the ban at Turkish friends will make his dick.

    Ryder rocky and feed hatred and continues to insult me and warnings.

    Ryder, and we watched the rocky admins macro, using the script.

    It violates these rules admins.
    After me telling me to obey the rules.

    admins must first comply with its own rules.

    I use mouse to 55 euros

    There are rapid fire feature to feature with the mouse

  • Be the first to macro admins themselves, do not use scripts.

    then you assign ban players give warning.

    I Dertour the specter, rocky, Ryder watched.

    all scripts, you can use macros.

    my mouse to 55 euros.
    Do not you know you like.
    I would therefore rapid fire.
    I'm too fast for rapid-fire bass.

    innocent keys too sensitive

    Can you shoot fast though unintentionally

    If you are not racist and vindictive
    It gives me no reason why I always warning you looking for an excuse to throw the game?

    I play with my friends in your server almost 1.5 years.
    He ufaced know me and my friends in particular.

    I cheated a macro, you know I use the script.

    Why do you have when dealing with my master admin?

    one is constantly abused the powers of Ryder.
    Why does it powers?

    rocky called me stupid for no reason in the last game.
    How many days do not say anything to anybody.
    I do not speak in any way in the game.

    Please look at the game yesterday ku record.
    You will see me no reason that the dumb rocky.
    and rocky, I want to give a penalty Ryder

    They blame me saying trick.

    Ufaced can prove to you that I was not cheating.

    kontorol connect to my computer and have

    When you find cheats at my computer.
    Ryder, rocky, Dertour I, I want you to take powers.

    because they slander me

    I say again
    I followed with Ryder and diyer of the spectrum.
    macro, I found the script they use.

    Why can not they be punished?
    Because it's because they are the admin?
    It may violate all the rules.

    the admins and players are able to make superior rule violation?

    Ryder first and last names in scripts, you use macros that you use the player.

    key issues. please

    I do not want to deal with babies and small children

    ryder could ban from the game for no reason

    Thank Ufaced

  • @UFaced can we ban him? He's always complaining and annoying us. Why should I be against Turk people? :O You got mad (maybe 36 years of Cod turned you in a paranoic man). Just try to unistall games for a while and enjoy the summer man.

    We don't call you hscal so please:

    Ryder -----> Rhoyder
    Dertour ----> Dertom
    rcy/rocky ----> rockky
    faced -----> UFaced

    Is not so hard to press some keys on keyboard ;)

  • to tell the truth because it is foolish to say your name, I do not want to write.
    I love the one Ufaced.
    because it is the beginning of understanding the mind.

    Ryder and rock Why is he always gives me a warning?
    Why do they always put me cheating, saying the ban?

    each time saying the ban throwing cheating, but cheating is not evidence that I'm in your hands, it opens the ban because he knows I use Ufaced trick.

    As for the topic so using scripts.
    Why do you use the script deletes many times have I watched?

    you do not have a reason 3XP following admin who follow?
    You are the first stop using scripts and macros, do not use the player,

    my masus can not be ordinary mouse.
    I use the mouse to 55 euro.
    I can meet with my computer and innocent your 2-year school allowance

    Ufaced key issues Lutan
    minor adolescent drinking baby milk to deal with, I do not want to be addressed.

    rock, Ryder, and diyer can take when you want to ban me for no reason.

    Would you like to somehow dispose of the ban.
    Take banki Be happy. Release crying