Dexter's application

  • Hi, my name is Dexter
    I'm 20 years old, 03.02.95
    I finished a lot of cj map, hardest one i finished was dark_v3 ( btw ive made 10th hardest map mp_stairs :) )
    GAP with rpg 372 , no rpg 315
    Im russian, but my english is pretty good, so i dont think anyone wont understand what im talking about :P
    Reason y i wanna join is: perspective of 3xp,community and friendly atmosphere at server, so i thought it would be great to become part of it :)
    My stats: 3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details
    About me, im friendly and kind person, quite and good mannerd, so i dont like trolls and that kind of ppl who are inadequate.
    My cj past. Ive began codjumping at Garena at 2008, there ive met Ranky (when i met him he was Helix), so we began jumping at stock togather, so i cjumped with Ranky for 2 years, then ive gone to promod. After 2 years of inactive in CJ in 2012, ive began to cjump again but at custom map. A year ago ive made my first map mp_stairs, and few weeks ago released mp_marble. Already began a new map with Lord of Ring theme. :D

    I read the rules and I agree to follow them.

    I hope i will become a part of team, it would be great ^^


  • Privet Dexter,

    I've heard alot of good stuff about you from various people
    and when you were playing you were very helpful and kind. :)
    I liked mp_marble and a map with lotr theme sounds very promising.
    We have to teamview sometime then i'll show you something very cool regarding custom textures such as in mp_marble.
    As you only have 10 hours so far, i would say that you collect some more play time.
    When you're near our required time you have definitely my Yes.

    Just a little side question: Do you have a high ping like australian people?

    Best Regards,

    deleted User

  • My ping is under 100 so it isnt a problem, cause im from Saint Petersburg.

  • Hey Dexter,
    Ive not played with you, but from what i heard you are a nice mature person.
    I really enjoyed your maps and im really looking forward to play your new map
    somewhen. Collect some more hours and you have my +1 :)

  • Sup, man! Glad to see your application in our team. I know that you re a really nice jumper, also frienly guy (hot' my i ne osobo v ladah byli nekotoroe vremya, no vse-zhe) and awesome mapper!
    So BIG #YES from my side.
    Just one problem in time on servers, but u can reach 100hrs very easy. :)

  • hey i see you get alot positive feedback from our members, also i just heared positiv things about you.

    Just collect more hours on our server, so we can get you know abit better, and im sure you will have very good chances to get accepted ;P



  • Done


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  • Gogo keep collecting hours :D

  • #Accepted

    as we see you are constantly active, and really like you, we want to accept you!

    Be welcome in the 3xP' CJ team =)