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    Bored and may as well post here before it drastically changes.
    So, here's my battlestation (If you can even call it that)

    fVx0Dgq.jpg Peripherals

    t4gHY9V.jpg PC

    v8YMaJu.jpg Huion K58 tablet with 虹翼のソレイユ cover

    sO5ACLM.jpg Hansung GTune MKF100W keyboard with my O2Jam key setup

    4HE8eE2.jpg Image of monitor with best forums on screen

    i5 processor
    1TB hdd
    Nvidia GeForce 405 --> Asus GeForce GTX 260 (Old but cheap and decent for 1k fps on cod4)
    8gb ram
    550w generic PSU
    (And the pc is going to be replaced with god specs soon)

    Sorry for low quality screenshots, but oh well I don't have a great camera ^^;

    playing osu! more recently, it's starting to get fun again
    anyway, I got a cool score on a map

    I have zero to no respect for any of you

    ey man wht d fug did i du 2 u

    You really do have intolerance issues. You hate anyone in 3xP (which included me when OP doesn't even know me) and you seem to have a deep hatred for Siv.
    I'm actually concerned about you. You have an extreme discrimination for anyone in this clan, you think shitposting and calling people retarded makes you seem intellectual, and above all that you're an admin at styx servers. This isn't critisism, its hating. You really are the worst form of fucking scum I know.

    Oh and to keep this on topic: Fuck off. Stay banned.

    Just stop now.
    You act extremely immature in the server and the way you like to dislike everything against you proves you can't handle the forums as well.
    I don't decide it but I really do hope you stay banned.

    Really...? I wasn't in the right mood for normal answers, besides i don't see any false information that i provided there... How am i supposed to prove you that i'm not hacking when there's no good question?...

    Also.... The last time i played on 3xp, was in 3xP CodJumper server... Why the hell would i hack there? -.-

    Your answers are extremely vague however.
    If you can't take an unban request seriously, I'd suggest not making one.
    Try editing up your answers so somebody can do something about it.

    this isnt a suggestion, but an idea towards a new rule. can a rule be made so that voting to rotate a map just before the timer runs so others cannot vote to extend time = ban?
    i dont exactly have powers to either cancel a vote or force one (wouldnt use the force anyway), but its very annoying when people vote to rotate, even though the map is going to rotate anyway, so others cannot have the chance to have a extended time vote.

    no subforum for this game so i would post thread here
    anyone on here playing osu? for those who don't know what osu is, it is a f2p rhythm game. its a fun game which also has a very big learning curve.
    gameplay looks like this (score i recently got):

    it's stupid to say cj is instantly harder and more complex since they're both two different games with completely different styles of jumping. while i would agree that cj is more complex in the jumps, its not to say that q3 is instantly easier.
    both cj and q3 jumps are extremely hard and have a huge learning curve to master, but the huge difference between the two is that q3 requires you to be a good jumper even in competitive play.
    in competitive playing, you also don't have a linear course from start to finish, you have to decide where you're going, what you need to get, how you are going to kill the player etc, and this is thinking made in less than a second. in q3, you have to use jumping to your advantage; it decides whether you are going to live or not. cj can be useful in promod, but you're limited to 250, which makes jumping even for me very awkward. if i tried to go and play some quake now i wouldn't have any skills in defrag at all.
    for example, look at this video where a good trickjumper is playing against well coded and expert difficulty bots on quake cpma, jumping skills is needed in playing seriously: