Deathrun Changelog

  • Greetingz,

    I will use this post to keep you all informed of the deathrun changes going on.

    Post will be updated on regular base and bumbed with an //update stamp.

    any bugs/exploits/failures regarding the changes can be replied below.


    -modified the map rotation
    -modified the deathrun soundpackage
    -restored anti quickscope
    -removed the respect line rule

    -added anti spawn killing system

  • //update

    -new antilaggjump system 0.1a

    system will detect people which preform a laggjump and kills them.( no punishment like kicks/bans )
    laggjumps will get logged with name and guid

    if you discover flaws ( from which i know there are, but the current version is stable enough to run on public ) report them at me over pm.
    if the script causes other trouble, also report this over pm.


  • //update notify

    since i've installed the deathrun cloudsaving 2 weeks ago.
    we have player rankings/levels of all players which played the past 2 weeks.

    today i updated the stock deathrun 1.2 deathrun mod with:
    -custom 3xp menus
    -ranking table of 120 ranks !
    -some minor bugfixes
    -clickable votesystem
    -shop system for weapon unlocks

    this update will cause player ranks to reset.
    i will test the cloudrestore features to make sure we can restore all players which played in the past 2 weeks to their current xp rate.

    This will mean if you are level 30 which is equal to 186000xp.
    You will be level 21 in the new mod update

    to give a short example:

    level 1-2 takes 800xp
    the new level 30 would take a totalxp of 372000 which is double the current level 30 and takes 24800xp to get to 31.
    level 100 would take 4040000xp and it takes 80800xp to get to 101.

    levels will actually start to mean something again. no level 30 parties anymore :D

    earnable titles:

    you will get xp just like you used to but there is a new killstreak system involved:

    this will grant you a total bonus of 3940xp besides the regular rewards if you go on rampage.( killingspree xp gets not affected by xp multiplier of the server )

    The current guns/models are still in use.
    will be updated as soon as the mod runs.

    expect weekly mod updates as soon as we got this new version replaced !

    basic main preview:

    this does require all of you to redownload the mod !
    current version is stable.
    plugins and features of the current deathrun mod will change.

    the shop/slotmachine will get removed, will be replaced later on by an item shop in the menu !

    cheers !

  • dat outdated 3xp logo :P, ask sorkx for the new one =)

  • Dat Wingzy, always says it's better to keep things changing (like the musics on dr), but prefers to keep the old logo :D

    I prefer the new one a lot more personally.


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  • //new mod has been tested and is in debug state

    //for current dr:
    updated the antilaggjump script.
    got some complains of people dying during "alt+tab" session.
    or people dying as activator.

    all should be fixed in the current version.
    let me know if any other issues occure.