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    @mirko911 @Viruz Thanks for the information! It is the same key though, it happened a few days after I installed (or rather re-installed) cod4x (since it got corrupted... then when I re-installed it, it deleated everything (ex: mods, usermaps, profiles... etc)) though.

    Hello everyone!

    A little while ago I started working on a mod for frisbeesky... I am still not done with it though... having a hard time with getting weapons to work xD, but I digress. The main point of the mod was to incorporate better speedometers into the game. I have made them, and they work well so I thought I would post the code I have for them here so if others want to use them they can.

    The code is a bit of a mess, but it serves it's purpose.
    These functions will return the current velocity measured over the time speedRefreshTime.

    The following code is what drives the timing and what not

    I hope this helps someone out, or at least is found somewhat interesting :D

    @Scaya The fun zone in mp_the_extream would be an example of what I meantioned a little while ago, a map that goes too far in the verticle extream. I don't think a map like that would be fun to play on. But something similar, but more spread out is what I meant

    I can see your point about mappers potentially not wanting to make a map for a mod that might not be popular. For that very reason I made the poll to see what kind of interest there is in playing it because I didn't want to risk writing a mod that will not be played.

    I am going to try to get the basics of this mod done this weekend. I will make an rpg that does no damage, remove falling damage, and begin writting the infected game mode. When I am done with that I will script the all or nothing gamemode, then add the free run prematch in.

    Also mp_berry_village would work, but it definitely is not what I was thinking for map design (it might also be too large). I was thinking of maps with floating platforms and large bounces that are easier to hit, and with more sparse cover.

    @mirko911 I admit I did pull the idea from deathrun, but it is a good idea and adds a bit of ballence. Also death run is generally 1v1 whereas this will be more of a party game modes mod if you will. (pulling some bo2 terminology)

    I just had the idea of adding in a sort of "free run" time at the beginning of each match to give the people who have never played the map before a chance to familiarize themselves with it. I was thinking of also having a save/load system for this time. Right now I think 2 minutes would be a good length.. But then again it might be a bit short. Does anyone have any suggestions to improve this idea?

    Funk got the concept of the game mode extreamly close to spot on, but the runners would need to have weapons or else the game would no longer be infected. In order to ballence it I think it would be best to nerf the crap out of a shotgun and give that to the runners as a weapon so that way the infected can't be blown out of the air unless they are being chased by a runner, or are extremely close to landing.

    FrisbeeSky, in my opinion I think height variation would make the map more interesting, but your idea of having a flat map is still a good one. Though having any extream (ie totally flat or entirely verticle) will lead to a more bland experience.

    Also with penalizing people who failed a gap or bounce I have had 2 ideas of my own: 1, teleport them back to where they last were (not really a penalty.. But oh well); 2, have it so they will just be stuck at the ground level and have to make their way back up but this will make map design a bit more complicated.
    I think your idea is a very good one, but could easily be exploited by the runner. There are a few additions to the idea that could ballence it more, but could also risk ripping the scale too far in the direction of the infected. The additions I can think of are: teleport the runner directly in front of the infected; orientate the runner so they can't see the infected; notify the infected that a runner was teleported to them; freeze the runners control is for a split second. Or a combination of the afore mentioned additions. But as I said before the list, these could all lead to too harsh a punishment or could be further exploited.

    FUSTOLTKOLBA'SZ, that is an interesting idea but seems like it would be a pain to script, so I might implement it as a game mode after I have scripted the other things that I want to see. I will keep it in mind but I am most likely not going to work on it for a while.

    Also keep in mind I haven't thought this through very thoroughly. Yesterday when I thought of the idea I decided to post it here to gage the interest in this mod and to start a discussion about it to develop the idea more.

    P.s. sorry if I made any stupid or outright rediculus mistakes, I am writing this on mobile and my phone has a fairly awkward and impractical auto correct.

    @Bunny I wouldnt consider this a modded deathrun because the only thing it shares is a map with gaps and bounces. The similarities and there. The idea isn't to have a linear map that leads to a place where one can choose how to battle, but instead to have a non linear map that has many ways to traverse through it with multiple players playing in it at the same time with game modes like infected.

    I can help with scripting if you need it. All of the maps I have made had a lot of scripting in them, but later broke because of reasons out of my control, such as bad pathing for the zombies, or problems with lighting and textures randomly loading and unloading.

    If the other gamemodes dont turn out well, then it will not be too big a deal since most of them are not particularly hard to script.

    @Funk That is exactly what I meant, as I have thought about it more I think that more gamemode additions would be good, like gun game and sharpshooter as well as the other gamemodes that were implemented in bo1 wager matches and maybe some of the ones that were implemented into ghosts when they started to experiment with new gamemodes. One such gamemode that I might script is "All or Nothing." Also thanks for your enthusiasm. I am not a very good mapper, in fact I have yet to have a single successful map (Although I have only done bo3 zombies).

    Today I was playing infected in Infinite Warfare and I came up with the idea of having a version of infected that takes place in codjumper styled maps. I think this would end up being super chaotic, but it could also be a lot of fun.

    I decided that if even a single person is willing to make even a super basic map for this (By this I mean one that has both gaps and bounces of variable size and difficulty), then I will make the mod to go with it.

    Edit: Because of the current state of the poll and because Funk agreed to make a map for this mod, I will work on making this mod a reality.

    At this point I am not sure. I have tried to find the functions that were used, but I have yet to find the origins of vectorCopy (which is rather unessiciary to find since it probably doesn't do anything aside from copying a vector) or vevtorMA. I was able to find the origin of trap_Trace which is defined in sg_trapcalls.h, but I was unable to find the code for the function itself so far.

    P.s. I will not be able to respond for at least 3 or more hours since I am at school.

    I've read through the function that mirko911 mentioned, and judging from lines 48, 49, 57 and 58 this is most likely a bouncepad since in 48 and 49 it is regrenced as some sort of a buildable that holds values and in lines 57 and 58 it refrences the values it got in lines 48 and 49. These 2 values are labled as minNormal and invert. I can't think of why terrain would have values such as these and so this is why I say it most likely is a bouncepad.

    Edit: also I don't think this code is in use because unless I really don't know how c++ works, line 91 will throw a compile error because the second parameter of G_Physics doesn't have a name (it is "void G_Physics(gentity_t *ent, int )").

    Edit 2: the if statement that starts on line 121 in the G_Physics function looks extremely promising to me since it has a limited check rate which makes the impresition theory more possible.

    @Drizz Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, I didnt see your post until just now.

    I want to help with adding things in like a leader board that operates independently from the maps and that can be implemented into any map, including older maps like mp_dark for example. I would also like to help with fixing bugs that are currently in the mod, like for example you cant switch to a higher level deagle skin after you switch to a lower level one. (ex: if a regular rank player switches to weapon 0, they will never be able to switch back to any of the other weapon skins). I would also like to add in a way to do more to customize the gui with positioning and scale of each element, my plan for that is to do something similar to what is seen in the ars magica mod for minecraft which allows the player to drag and drop the elements to whatever locations they want.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but speed is just change in position over time, and acceleration is just change in speed over time. Both of these should be able to be calculated using the origin of the player over time. If I am right about this, then after getting myself accustomed to the cod4 version of gsc I could probably get what @frisbeesky asked for done in a few days at most, or at least the 'accelerationometer' and 'speedometer' parts for the various axis and combinations of axis. I dont know much about file io with gsc, but if someone can point me in the right direction with it I can also implement that to make accessing the data easier. Also what does the current 'speedometer' in the 3xP' cj mod monitor specifically?

    This is only a hunch on my part, but most likely this bug has to do with imprecision. My guess is that when a bounce happens it is because the collision box of the player enters the collision box of a piece of terrain and the algorithm that handles the collision physics causes the player to be reflected off the surface. But perhaps you have already come to this conclusion. Good luck with making your game, I am excited to see how it turns out!