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    Hi all!

    I would like to apply for Trusted Player on the 3xP Kill the King server.
    My overall playtime is well over 60 hours,
    My behavior.. Well, I can't say much about that, maybe that the other TP's have something to say about me, but as far as I know, I always try to be nice and helpfull to others. Especially with so-called 'noobs', who others often reject.
    Handling power won't be an issue for me either, since I've had admin rights on multiple (Tekno)MW3 servers, and also hosted some minecraft servers. Ofcourse, these games are different than CoD4, but still, power is power.
    I hope, I don't make too many spelling mistakes and tings liek dat.

    I was told to provide my Stats for the servers I play on, but I'm not sure if I should put my stats for 3xP' Hardcore I 20x HIGHXP MIXED XP WEEKEND, because I haven't played there very seriously and I'm not planning on playing there often.
    But well, since it was stated I should provide as much info as I could gather, here you are:
    Kill the King Stats
    Hardcore server (Don't look at my KD :)

    Here's some info about me:
    My name is Patrick. I'm from the Netherlands. You might now the Netherlands for the great import and export of sweet weed.
    I've just become 15 years old, so I was glad to see that a higher age was not a requirement!
    My hobbies are, ofcourse gaming, watching movies/TV Shows, Messing with pc's , hanging out with friends, and visiting the city I live near.
    I've played many games. I started my PC gaming carreer when I was about 6 years old, playing Roller Coster Tycoon and some racing games. When I was 7, I started playing Call of Duty 1,
    And that's where the FPS player in me starting rising and shining. I've been in multiple clans, on multiple games. I still play call of duty 1, and 2, and 4, and 5, and alot more :P
    I also play(ed) skyrim, warthunder, minecraft, league of legends, BF: Play4Free, BF: Bad Company 2, BF: 3, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, and many many more.
    I speak (write) 3 languages fluent, English, Dutch, German. And 2 reasonably, French and Spanish. And I know some words in Polish (only like, 5 words ;P) .
    I know quite a few trusted players on the KtK server, like Shae, Reznov, Rhoyder, Toxic Potato HD, dertom, rockky, siwy, Ervilha. (I have the feeling I've forgotten a few, don't hate :D )
    And well, I don't like to see a server full of raging, rule-breaking people, so I would like to help the admins and TP's out with handling the rules and keeping the server a nice and safe place for everyone.
    Since I meet all requirements I thought I would give it a shot.

    I've read and accepted the 3xP CoD4 rules, and I've read the threads You've been accepted as Trusted player/Trial member, and Premade kick/ban reasons.

    Ways to contact me: PM me, I don't use xF and TS3 anymore, but if I start using them again, I will tell you.
    I sincerely hope you will consider my application.

    Danke, Bedankt, Merci, dankie, gracias, Thanks, takk, 고맙습니다, tack, tak.
    Patrick, ExcesusNL.