Unban pls

  • Guid: 0abb3ffd
    Reason: No recoil hack (ak74u) (autoban)
    Banner: autoban
    I wanted to play on ur cj server but when i tried to join it it showed that im banned for ^ dis reason. But i have never played on ur servers. Pls help me :)

  • Really? The guy has a cracked version of cod 4. The key that comes with it is old and banned on almost everything. Im being nice and giving him a key so he can actually play cod 4...

    If 3xp banned him he wont be able to access the server unless he is dynamic or vpn.

    This is the exact same error message that I used to have when I first got cod 4.

    Just trying to help someone out stop hating on my threads.

  • Why are you posting 'Cracked keys' around the forum to those who were BANNED for a reason...?
    Same goes for you, this isn't helping in any way what so ever towards your appeal.

    Also... you haven't 'Revealed' any keys,
    It's not hard to grab keys from a keygen and post them here.. *sigh*

    Jayme <3

  • I never said its hard?

    You guys really do look at things ina negative way about me and my posts like wtf?

    Im helping the guy as when you download cod 4 cracked its practically band on every server. He didnt cause an offence someone else did with the same key. Its no recoil hack. I get it all the time as loads of people have these keys so I keep swapping them over.

    As you can see im trying to help but instead i get posts from you explaining how the process works? why?

    I also didnt realise I need to spend my time learning how to code before helping people in 3xp and make my own patches.

    These petty comments are so dumb and have no value.. At least mine are supportive and try to help.

  • Dude, lel?

    idek anymore :huh:

    Goliath, you may think you're helping other members out by giving them cracked keys...although some of these 'Ban appeal's' are not caused by using the 'Default' cracked key,
    people are just idiotic to either hack on 3xP' Servers or somewhat break rules.

    All am asking is for you to stop posting alternative keys for those who've broken rules previously,
    Thank you.

    Jayme <3

  • I understand that I shouldnt give keys to people that have broken rules however this person has not. hence why I have given it to him.

    If you actually take the time to read what I have been tryping instead of being single minded you would understand that 3xP dont just ban GUID they also ban IP so he will need to run a VPN.

    If he did cause the offence the key WILL NOT WORK for him. This has to be the fourth time I have said this....

    As you also stated its not hard to get so posting this shouldnt be an issue.

  • Omg, really?
    You act like an admin. You're not. You don't decide if someone gets a ban or unban. Don't try to "help" like this. You're saying you want to support 3xp. But if 3xp guys ban someone, then your way of "unbanning" isn't very supportive.

  • As you also stated its not hard to get so posting this shouldnt be an issue.

    Yes, I did state that getting cracked keys isn't hard at all.
    Although did I say you should post them around the forum just because they're easy to get hold of? No.

    I was asking nicely for you to not post cracked keys around the forum not to create an argument/debate with you, also... not all bans are 'IP' based.
    If you can't follow simple rules on the 3xP' Servers nor forums...jus leave.

    Jayme <3