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    Hello! :D

    My name is FrisbeeSky, and I would like to apply for the Trusted player rank on the 3xp'Codjumperserver (duuuuhh.. #ReadTitleOfThisTopic...)
    and below you can read why etc.

    1. My Stats:
    Check this link to see my stats:
    3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details

    2. About me:
    So as you've read above this topic, my name is FrisbeeSky and I am a passionated codjumperplayer for a roughly estimated active 1.7 years with also a roughly estimated 40 days that I've not played cj (because of school, vaction, busy day, bla bla bla... etc.)
    I really like codjumping mainly because it is a game with a very unique gameplayexperience which is in my opinion an awesome and interesting gameplayexperience.
    Plus it gets more and more awesome and interesting the more and longer you play it.
    I am also on the entertainingpart on youtube when it comes to codjumping, if not in a video from my channel, then in a video of another channel.
    (you can see me in the following videos: NoobAim's first montage, in the recent BoTW community special episode and in some videos on my channel (though I got videos when had way less skills than I have now))
    I can talk a giantass page longer but I think you know enough about me. xd

    3. Why I want to be Trusted
    Straight to the point: I would like to be a Trusted Player on the 3xp'Codjumper server mainly and only to be more able to help the 'noobs', so those who need help with a tech or other codjumpingthings.
    This means that I hope that the Trusted Player rank will have the abiltiy to fly to all places in a map wether using a gravity gun or noclip (or both :P), otherwise I don't see any other purposes to be Trusted PLayer
    because people most of the time behave well when they play codjump, probably because the average age of the codjumpers is around 15-16-17-18+ which are the ages where people get less childish (with some exceptions though xddd) so to be Trusted Player to keep the general behaviour right behaved isn't really the reason I want Trusted Player rank on the 3xp'Codjumper server

    The main motivation for me, when I help people, is that I believe that I can help codjumping staying alive for a long(er) period; pros will most likely leave earlier than noobs as long as you help the noobs to get more skills.
    In that way you not only make sure that they keep playing codjump (and so you help codjumping staying alive for a long(er) period), but you also make more friends and contacts with codjumperpeople.
    The only tiny disadvantage is that sometimes they will ask you often to help them so when you're playing a parkour you often get interupted, but fortunatly that doesn't anoy me too bad and if so then I just say that I want to just play codjump. Though that is a very rare situation which only occured 2 or 3 times in the passed half year so that makes it even more a smaller problem. What I'm trying to say with that is that you still will be able to play a parkour properly without a shitton of interuptions from people who want to get help.

    4. Contact
    I got Skype: frisbee-sky98, I don't use it that much but I am going to try to use it more often.
    I also got xfire: frisbeesky, I use that a bit more often (not much still), but also for that counts that I am going to try to use that more often.

    5. Rules
    I've read the rules for the codjumper server, the only server I would like to get Trusted Player.
    I know them and I accept them and if neccesary I will take care of the people who break them, but as I mentioned before; most of the times people behave well so that won't be a too big of a deal.

    Extra things:
    Though I have adminexperience; when I was in a clan called M*J| (oh boy, those oldschool memories :3) I had adminpowers in a codjumperserver where the people who played there behaved just good, so I only had to take action only 1 or 2 times what I also expect in the 3xp'Codjumperserver. (even if my expection is wrong about that then it's still not a problem for me because of the adminexperience I have)

    I will repeat the purpose of this topic one more time: I only want Trusted Player on the 3xp'Codjumper server so I am more able to help the 'noobs' better when it comes to codjumpingthings, I also got the abiltiy to have either gravity gun or noclip or both on some other codjumperservers and DANG! that works so good when I help people :D so I hope I will be able to do the same on the 3xp'Codjumper server. :D

    I hope that I explained enough information.