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    First of all, big thank you for taking your time to write this well detailed and lengthy post clearing things up, I really can't appreciate enough the fact that you have taken the time and effort to do it!

    Second of all, as I said earlier, I did not realize that so much time has passed since the great days of KTK, and that alone is a large factor defeating the possibility of bringing the server back to it's glory time.

    So instead of making it a large scale effort to revive the server I want to try and make it as playable as possible for those that still love to play it.


    That would mean we would need a modder/scripter to create this feature.
    I know we won't find one willing to do that. And I can't do that myself, never learned how to script. And even if I could, I wouldn't, because as I explained, I know the effort required to revive the server would go way beyond implementing a simple feature like this.

    Lastly, I want to remind you that I am here, ready to make it happen (got the skills required), the only thing I need from you is the variable corresponding to prestige, something along the lines of "self.stat[prestige]".

    I will then be able to give you a ready to use code just to paste in the right place, will assist you along the way, hell we might even do it via TeamViewer or something to make it one time thing.

    Tell me if you are up for it, will pm you with details.

    What do they say? "Hope never dies" ;xD

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    Then add it if you know that it's 'just a few lines'.

    I don't want to sound rude but are you mentally capped or something? If I had the access I would have done it already ;xD If you have no idea about the subject why are you trying to sound smart? :D

    It's a matter of adding a few lines of code, about 5-10 minutes of work and will enable the people that still play it enjoy the mod. It was never really meant to fully revive the server as some of you might have come to think only because of the title :XD

    It was very much alive and popular about 2 years ago, I haven't actually realized that it's been so long lol, until I read your post and decided to check when I registered, I thought it was like half a year ago at most :xD

    What's the purpose of making such a discussiontopic if you don't even know whether there are even people who care enough to work on the problem which is getting discussed lol?

    Lol, what ? ;xD The point of this topic was to find out exactly that very thing, and see what others think about it. (Don't confuse "care enough" with "capable of" though)

    And you people who are gonna argue will (still) come to the server? I feel like it would even kill the server more if 'the party in charge' is gonna make descisions which the players don't like :3

    Of course if it were met with heavy opposition it would be bad for the server but as of now, there is just 1 person who completely disagrees and he's not even capable of forming a constructive comment and doesn't even like KTK at all xDDD, another person that considered the idea and proposed a likely solution, another one that just thinks it has no impact at all which is completely fine as an opinion but it's not really reflective of the current situation, and the last person that I honestly have no idea what is trying to achieve ;xD

    And on top of that there are the actual players that don't even visit this board and it's actually the group that's impacted the most by this suggestion, I have already asked players on the server about it and had many responses that agreed with what I am trying to achieve.

    So to conclude, there has to be someone responsible enough to make an educated decision who is also capable to take into consideration the whole picture.

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    ...spending a shitton of energy and time trying to work out the most sensible and logical way to fix a certain problem people are complaining about, just to try be a helpful person, but when that thinkingwork is finaly done and it's time to start working on actions to solve the problem:
    complete silence OR the person/people who spent most time and energy to come up with actual solutions get flamed, being it in the same topic or in another in some sort of way.

    I see, now I completely feel ya too;x

    For the reasons you are probably well aware of, there is no point in trying to find out what people think about this and if they care at all. You can let people have opinions on the subject but It's rather a matter of getting the right person (someone in charge) to do the right thing (make the right decision), especially when the people I am advocating for are not going to get out of their way just to try to be able to play the game in a decent manner, of course some are gonna argue that it's unfair to them etc etc, but in the end it's up to the party in charge to decide what is best for the server.

    It's nonsense to just leave the server to die off, so I am taking the matter into my own hands, I know who to approach about that:D

    Lmao it's gonna be 2, fuck ktk.

    Yey, we got a special snowflake here, much wow :) Here have some candy :D CANDY FOR YOU

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    Well, I think you are underestimating the influence of these factors, of course one might not notice this just by playing a few times casually but if someone with just a little bit of competitive mind for instance joins the game, plays a few times and realizes that in order to really enjoy the game he needs perk points, and that some people already have a big edge over them, they will be less likely to come back.

    It's true that there's rarely ever any admin on KTK but in the recent time I have noticed that there are some Trusted Players playing and anyway I don't believe it has such a large impact on the population.

    I haven't ever heard of people leaving a server because there is no admin present unless there was a problem with rule breakers which I doubt is the case here. On the other hand I have heard of people leaving because of the game being boring which is probably the case here. (Dies quickly as a Guard -> disadvantaged -> boring game)

    Trying something > trying nothing (It's actually deeply rooted in our society, people are less likely to make a change to improve things then just complain and do nothing).

    Overall I might come off as a selfish dreamer or even crazy but there is a reason why I have run a few successful gaming communities:D

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    Fine, let's just disregard the server. After all it's better if people leave due to being unable to play against old players and not really having experienced the mod in it's fullest (actually even partially) then to give them some boost.

    Oh congratulations, you spent so much time playing so you don't want new people to have a standing chance against you even though the server is in critical state; if we don't let them experience KTK now, they never will, since it's going to to be completely dead in the near future.

    According to what? To your inner self telling you "oh no these people might get free rank and it's so unfair to me"? Please consider the bigger picture.

    The amount of prestige given is up for debate but it would be close to pointless if it were just 2-3.

    There is a thing called scripting, it's a very simple thing to make it automatic.

    Also I am saying all this from the same position as you, I too have spent a lot of time getting my 32 Prestige but I have no objections against saving such a great server.

    Hi there !

    So I have come up with a suggestion that might just be what KTK needs right now, I will just copy-paste what I said in the chat since it's scary to write in a thread ;xD

    I have noticed that there are not a lot of players playing on KTK nowadays, and when there are players they are mostly low prestige or no prestige at all, which makes the game very dull and unbalanced against old players.
    So I come up with a suggestion that will not only make the game a bit more interesting and balanced, it will also have the potential to boost player count and attract new players. Basically grant all newly connected players as well as old ones with low rank a set prestige.
    My suggestion is to give players at least 20-25 prestige so they can really have fun with the mod and even if it won't work on a large scale it will still make current players more motivated to play;xd

    I would add more detailed argumentation but that should be enough for starters;x

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    Got a response on the forums and it's not fixable.
    I found the string in the iw3mp.exe so it's hardcoded ... nothing we can do against it.

    It could be possible with libcod, but would also make it a bit more complicated to host a server as it requires some knowledge of shell script to find and download the missing libraries.

    A list of functions in the current version: -=[ Call Of Duty 4:Modern Warfare, Script Reference ]=-

    M-itch/libcod · GitHub

    Regards Yuri

    as Ufaced said it needs much time to develop a new mod.
    When you want to start it then I would suggest an open source mod.
    Evveryone who has the knowledge could add and improve stuff. I think with this kind of development you would get more devs / gfx guys

    I'll set-up a Git-Hub repo as soon as we have some basic system going on so everybody can contribute.

    @Vash, tell me your contact information (xfire, fb, ts3) so we can get in touch.

    I've had a lot of experience in cod2 modding, so I think it's time to put my skills to test.

    Definitely interested, I'll setup a test server and everything soon, will let you know when I am done.

    yes i read them yuri
    and this is what i understood from them

    You might have looked at them but I highly doubt that you took the time and effort to actually say that you have read them.

    Seems like you didnt really read it @eFe iLike2KiLL :)

    Same as above. i rejected or trusted or what??????????

    i dont understand...
    am i trusted or rejcted????????

    Seems like you are really impatient and above all that you have not taken my advice to edit your application to fit our criteria.
    It looks like your application is going to get rejected because of these requirements that deleted User previously mentioned:

    Any too short application, too badly formatted, with too many spelling mistakes, or missing any of the required information, will be instantly rejected.

    Regards Yuri.