Application '9inches'

  • -Your Ingame Name:
    9inches / Brejax

    -Your Birthdate:
    22. October 1993

    -Your hardest Map you finished out of this list:
    Mp_Pizzahut (Inter)

    -Your gaprecord with and without rpg:
    Sorry, I dont know i am mostly new in 3xp servers, and i didnt counted or have any list

    -The Languages u are able to talk & The country in which you life:
    Can Talk English and German, living in Germany near Berlin

    -Why you want to join 3xP' Codjumper-Team:
    3xp is actually a great clan with many cool guys, and i want to be apart of it. I love CJ and i always will! :D

    -Your 3xP' Statistics page profile link (3xP' Statistics ~ Home Search your name; click on your name):
    Sorry, no stats :/

    -Your Steam Profile link (if u use steam) so admins can stay in close contact with you:
    Sure, i would be happy!. Here my Steam:

    -And some more text where u introduce yourself a bit:
    Hello, i am Rico living in Germany. I am a Hobby Programmer doing Jobs for friends and of course for Customers like Discord Bots, FTP Tools, and much more (Languages: Python, php, css, html, JS) i am Hosting Websites, Gameservers and Domains. I am Hosting atm some Call of Duty 1 Servers which are pretty full.
    Thats what im doing actually in my free time and ofc CJ!. My Job is Welder, working the whole day until evenings (6 - 8 pm) sometimes.

    -Write something about your gaming past (Other Clans u were in, games u played etc.):
    I am mainly from Call of Duty 1 and 2. I played CoD4 10 years ago only Scrims/Funwars/Ladders with Mix Teams, Mostly i played CJ in COD4 and i play it already over 11 years. And yes, i can say more about my CoD1 and CoD2 Game history, but i think i dont need it, i think so? haha.

    -Write an Agreement that you will follow this rules and agree with them and that u read them:
    Yes, i read and Accept it :)!

    Best regards,

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  • Hey Rico, sorry for the delay on this - we don't check the forum much anymore (almost exclusively use Discord these days!).

    Regarding the app, thank you for applying and for sharing some info - you seem like an interesting guy. However, applications have been unofficialy closed for years. We aren't accepting new members at this time. Of course please feel free to continue playing on our servers, maybe one day we will revive this side of things.