[Release] 3xP' Codjumper - Stream Deck Plugin

  • Hey,

    Hopefully this is the correct place to post this, please move it elsewhere if so @ admins. :P

    I assume the majority who'll see this won't in fact have a Stream Deck, however, I wanted to share it anyhow as it may be of use to those that do. (also works for their mobile app)

    I've had a Steam Deck for a year or so, and since my return to CJ (yet again), I decided to develop a plugin, to display the current map, and a way to both launch COD4 ordinary, and with arguments. (to join the 3xP' server, and or launch devmap)

    The plugin has been "complete" (at least for now) for a week or so, and I am comfortable to share it with you in its current state. (any features/suggestions would be appreciated) So anyways, here's a breakdown of the plugin as of now.

    Display the Current Map

    The map currently playing will display on the Stream Deck key of your choice, simply drag the plugin onto the deck, and it'll show, like so. // [see spoiler]

    Display the Current Map & Player Count

    When this display setting is enabled, you'll be able to cycle through the current map, and the player count. (the duration can be assigned by you, in seconds) // [see spoiler]

    Launch any Application

    Locate a file, folder and/or executable. (this doesn't necessarily need to be iw3mp.exe) Once you've selected one of the following, simply tap the key and it'll open/launch the file, folder or executable you located. // [see spoiler]

    Launch any Application (with Arguments)

    If you're wanting to add custom arguments, for example, +connect s.3xp-clan.com:1337 to connect to the 3xP' Codjumper server, or even +set fs_game "mods/3xp_cj" +g_gametype "cj" +devmap mp_race, that'll work too. (more or less anything will) // [see spoiler]

    Search for a walkthrough (of the current map playing)

    If you're ever stuck, searching for a walkthrough hasn't been easier. Simply tap & hold the key and a YouTube search query will be made. // [see spoiler]

    And... that's it.

    If you happen to have a Stream Deck and would like to add this plugin to your deck, you can download the plugin here: dev.jayme.threexp.zip

    Please feel free to comment any features which I could possibly add, which may be of use/improve the plugin.

    P.S. I hope everybody is staying safe, and happy throughout the outbreak, take care of yourselves.

    Jayme <3

  • Cool, seems useful for people who actually stream CJ. :)

    Im a bit curious, can you show the code of the file

    1. CodjumperAction.cs


    I've made the source available on my GitHub.

    The switch case in CodjumperAction.cs will be entirely removed, and or optimized when I receive a full map list from Fr33g to manage map name's which overflow on the key.

    As there's only a few maps (from the in-game vote list) which surpassed the character limit, I settled with a switch case, despite not entirely wanting to. But it'll do for the time being.

    Jayme <3