3xP CoDjumper Mod Update 1.2.0 Released [Map Rewards, Speedrun, and More]

  • Hey,

    I'm happy to announce that today we are releasing an update for our CJ mod. The update brings a few requested features that will hopefully breathe some life into the server.

    Map Rewards and Speedrun System

    You can now earn coins for finishing maps and there are also leaderboards for every route.

    The speedrun system is any%, so cuts are encouraged!

    • Coin rewards depend on the difficulty of the route
    • You will receive N coins for your first finish of a route
    • You will receive N/5 coins for every later finish of that route
    • You will receive $bonus coins for setting a new record (i.e. placing on the leaderboard)

    The leaderboard stores the the following details for the top records: rank, name, time, rpgs, and loads.

    The leaderboard also stores your PB (personal best) for each route which you can see at the bottom.

    The current map's leaderboard can be viewed with Esc > Speedruns, you can then move through the pages to see the records for each route.

    Other Changes (incomplete)

    • Added Speedrun System
    • Added Speedrun HUD and FX
    • Added option to enable/disable Speedrun HUD
    • Added Bind for Speedrun Reset
    • Added "!reset" command for Speedrun Reset
    • Added "!srStats" command to view how many routes you (or others) have finished
    • Added USP, Uzi, Ak-74u, M40A3, Colt, M9, Ak47, R700, G36C, Barrett to Shop
    • Increased UFO speed and messages
    • Improved Teleportation system
    • Updated Map List
    • Fixed GSM Crashes
    • Added feature to see everyone's chat everywhere
    • Improved Angle HUD
    • Improved Position HUD
    • Tidied up some of our plugins
    • Removed unused server plugins
    • Fixes end-map vote bug with votes overlapping on map names
    • Removed old welcome messages
    • Improved !coins command (can now call it on other players)
    • Fixes a progression rank bug (equipping incorrectly)
    • Disabled load/save while inspecting
    • Changed the amount of coins you receive for playing on our servers
    • Changes some print messages
    • Fixed lots of bugs

    Bug Bounty

    There are a few bugs at the moment which may or may not be fixed in the future.

    If you find any major bugs (i.e. coin/shop/speedrun related) and report them privately you will receive an appropriate reward :-)

    There were plans to add more features and make this update more comprehensive but we decided we would just release it now rather than wait for updates that may never happen.

    Huge thanks to Mirko who is responsible for the majority of this update. This would not have happened without him.

    Seeya on the server,


  • Changes since the original post (probably missing a lot):

    • Added accurate RPG counting
    • Greatly improved haxfps detection
    • Fixed map bugs on a few maps (broken ladders, TPs, etc.)
    • Modified some map scripts to better support the speedrun system
    • Added basic support for cheat detection (bots)
    • Improved !rp to allow for restoring/continuing speedruns
    • Added !hax to toggle allowing haxfps in runs
    • Added !movespeed (toggles velometer position)
    • Made !hax and !movespeed settings save server-side
    • Made crosshair HUD settings save server-side
    • Added !admin_vote to vote for any map (lead only)
    • Improved !show/!stop and made available to all players
    • Made !s recursive
    • Added speedrun system support for most (all?) maps
    • Changed coin rewards on a few maps
    • Added RPG counter to HUD
    • Improved !srStats feedback
    • Improved sr_tool (lead only)
    • Improved support for end triggers
    • Increased endmap cooldown from 5 to 10 to reduce overplaying
    • Created a basic site to view stats https://mapping.3xp-clan.com/speedruns.php
    • Improved GSM payout logic and feedback
    • Added ability to view speedrun time of spectatees
    • Improved spawn system
    • Improved speedruns to only begin when the player moves
    • Removed endmap vote time (15sec) from SR time
    • Fixed a bunch of bugs
    • Updated the map list
    • Changed a few visual things and print statements
    • + more