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    Hello everyone, my name is Pavel, I am 22 years old, I am from Russia and this is my trusted player application.

    The player's path to COD4 started with version 1.0. These were mostly promod servers. I also spent a lot of time in MMORPG (Im still playing it, but not so actively). I started playing cj actively since version 1.8, so I can't say that I have high skills, but I try to improve them. (I showed the skill level in two videos I posted earlier.) Now I also play Guild Wars 2. In my free time from University. By the way, this year I finish my studies at the University, so the summer will be difficult.

    I submit an application, because I think I can help INT and EASY ways players, of which most are on the server. I play on the server every day

    Here is my stats page =>

    Discord tag => 2young2die#3755

    Agreed with rules .

    Perhaps this is what I am able to write with my level of English. Thank you for reading.:saint::P