3xp CodJumper Application

  • My Name - Kai T [edit by Mirko: Full Name isn't required]

    In game name - Zim Zimmer

    Hardest Maps I've finished - Mp_Astral & Mp_Planets_v2 both hard ways, (have finished a lot of maps but would say these were most challenging)

    Gap Records - Rpg 370, NoRpg around 308

    Languages - I speak English and am from the United Kingdom

    Why I want to join the team - I've been a big codjumper fan since 2011 back when I had Cod4 and found out about CJ. I was very bad at it but enjoyed the idea of it and played a lot of the time. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to play no more and recently restarted in January 2018 where my desire for CJ came back to me.

    Anyways, before we get into why let me introduce my self:

    My name is Kai and I live in the UK. I'm currently in full time college studying 3 A-levels - Computer Science, Maths and Further Maths. I have been interested in games my entire life basically, and enjoy technology based things. I also work a part time job on the weekends, which you could say is a struggle for time with games.. Time allocation is important lets say :). I would say I'm a motivated and determined person who treats people fairly and with respect. I don't enjoy talking about myself so I'm gonna end it hear and let you get to the good stuff ;P

    I started to learn a lot about CJ and how it evolved via 3xP as they are known as the biggest team in CJ which I strongly agree with. They have helped me a lot in enabling me to improve at my fastest rate and I have a lot of appreciation for this, making me want to be a part of a helpful and kind community, especially in something I enjoy doing. I see that 3xP have a lot of very determined players in which I wouldn't want to compete with, but to be part of and hopefully assist in making a difference to players within CJ. I have met a lot of people through 3xP's server which have made my time playing 10x better, being able to be part of a chill community is a really rare thing. I would class myself as a very chill player, who would be willing to help (if I could of course) and am not aggressive to anyone without very good reason. I'd say I have a healthy sense of humour and enjoy a lot of banter.

    CJ is the main game I play without a doubt but have a history of playing other COD games which has stayed with me throughout my gaming experience. I moved from console back to pc after 7 years, which was a rough change in terms of peripherals but it was a decision that was codjumper based - I missed it a lot. Within my 11 month return to CJ, I have accumulated nearly 1k hours on the game, and feel as if I'm learning more each day I play. I would love to meet the majority of the 3xP members - I'm sure they are nice people and would be great to learn more about them.

    Im not sure if this is too much or too little, but I hope I can be a part of your team.

    Many thanks,


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