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  • Hello, I live in london (UK) my real name is Bart Golinski, I am 17 years old as i was born in 1999 3rd of December. For this year i have quit year 12 because i had problem in school and now i have a whole year to mess with, i am free and play everyday. I Want to join your clan and become a member because mostly i like your CJ server and will play there everyday as i dont go to school anymore. My in-game name is Sh0tz, originally was xOneShotz however i decided to make it shorted and more snappy.

    This was my personal information now i will talk about my gaming life and achievements:
    I stopped playing casually in 2009, as i've got a new pc that have changed my life forever. In 2010 i got this game called counter strike 1.6 it was my favourite game back in the day and I used to spend my entire day getting better in it. It was at that moment i realized that I love games and that i am kind of addicted to it. after that in 2011 I've got a steam account, and my first game on it was call of duty black ops 1, this was the first game where i got to be a member of a clan called UU it was a zombie mod server and sometimes i still play it to this day. throughout the years 2011 to 2017 i've got a chance to be an admin on many servers such as garrys mod (murder) server and i was very dedicated to it and played on it till it was closed. I even got a chance to be an owner of a minecraft server which costed me a week to build. Presently i play CS:GO i've got over 2000 hours on it and now play alot of cod4 and cod2 mostly on your servers.

    The reason why i want to become a member of your clan "3xp" is become i love your servers and also the atmosphere on the servers are very friendly and feel welcomed, I want to help the server by making it more popular and give ideas.

    You can contact me by the use of steam platform:
    Origin: xXOneShotXxYT
    in-game= Sh0tz

    Kind Regards
    Bart Golinski. :)

  • I can say that i play alot of CJ and i learn that gamemode fast, which means I can provide demos for sure in the future. Also i do have experience in sony vegas and i do know the basis of editing, I am not saying that i am very good at editing, but i do know how to use the green screen. Color Correction, Use alot of sound effects, and visuals. However i would still need some experience to be on the editing level that 3xP uses.

  • I haven't seen you on the server before you made this app, i think you should've waited before apply.
    Also, that leads to the fact that no one really knows you,(correct me if im wrong ) besides that i spoke to you on ts3 in the past few days.

    Demo providing will be hard for you, i think your skill level is around intermediate.

    You seem like a nice guy, but you need to progress in cj way more, and need to know the members more

  • I started playing on this server in 2014, you can see in my profile when my account was made, its not like i am new to 3xp or cod4. I said that providing demos in future not now. Inaddition i am not applying for a CJ member but full member. Alterego i can see you made the account in 2016 so i joined 2 years before you have made an account.

  • Doesn't matter when you registered. If you registered in 2014 and you came back just a few days ago, then why should somebody know you?
    I'm playing on 3xp since the beginning of 2015, still haven't seen you before.

    I don't want you to take anything offensive, i'm trying to help you, and telling you my opinions. I think you are a nice guy, but i'd need to know you more to say anything else.

    Also, the reason that there are no many answers under this application is, that only normal members can reply, so cj members can't. ( you should have applied as a cj member if you playing mostly on cj server i think )

  • Leave my post alone ok. you are being such a fake peasant. First time i met you you were talking some false shit cuz u wanted to be nice, and now i comeback after a break and you talk behind my back just leave my post alone ok you aint important thinking you are the owner or something.