CJ Speedometers W/ a bit of code

  • Hello everyone!

    A little while ago I started working on a mod for frisbeesky... I am still not done with it though... having a hard time with getting weapons to work xD, but I digress. The main point of the mod was to incorporate better speedometers into the game. I have made them, and they work well so I thought I would post the code I have for them here so if others want to use them they can.

    The code is a bit of a mess, but it serves it's purpose.
    These functions will return the current velocity measured over the time speedRefreshTime.

    The following code is what drives the timing and what not

    I hope this helps someone out, or at least is found somewhat interesting :D

  • Hey,

    cool that you wrote a script for x,y,z Speedometers.
    I looked over the code and found out, that you can refactor it a bit [haven't tested but should work :thumbsup: ]