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  • Heyo! My name is Alexander and I'm 20 years old. I'm from Russia from the Far North. Now I finish university in Western Siberia, direction: automation of technological processes and production. I'm quite fluent in English.

    I like to listen to old school dubstep, minimal techno, progressive techno and drum and bass (I prefer the darker subgenres of DnB such as neurofunk, techstep etc)
    I play 11 years in DotA, but still 5k mmr trash :D . Also like such game series as the Witcher and Hitman (story in The Witcher 3 is the best I've seen).

    I started playing CJ 4 years ago on uNreal CJ server, but after playing a month I threw this thing, because it was necessary to prepare for university. I returned to CJ 6 months ago. During these 6 months I have very much progressed. I remember playing on all maps only in easy way, then in inter way and now play more than half maps in hard way. And it's really cool feeling when you see your progress and know that this is not the limit.

    3xp CJ server was showed me by my friend. I really liked 3xp CJ mod and the website, and I started playing here. 3xp community is very fun and friendly.

    Honestly, I want to be a 3xp member, but unfortunately I can't beat 7 min galaxy test way. But I think that in the near future I will have the required time.

    I have read and agree to all the rules.

    My Steam:
    My statistics page: 3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details

    With regards, Alexander Dark.

    "There are so many ways to kill the time that some of this you have to sacrifice." - Isaac Asimov

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  • I agree with drizz, you're active and often help other players. It's nice to see you improving

    Btw is TS some kind of clan or is it just a fun tag?

    i was in TS clan, we played cod4mw clanwars, but it was a long time ago...but still in my memory :)

    "There are so many ways to kill the time that some of this you have to sacrifice." - Isaac Asimov

  • #accepted