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    My name is Gary I am 21 years of age I am from the United Kingdom originally born in Scotland and moved to England later in life. The Languages I speak Include English and a little bit of Lithuanian as that's where my Girlfriend is from :). I am currently studying an Economics degree at University.
    I started Codjumping back on the xbox 360 when cod4 came out, started off with playing Michael Myers with friends at school and them me wanting to be able to get to places they couldn't. After a couple of months I became reasonably good at Jumping on the xbox 360 and I wanted something more but in the end couldn't afford a PC moved onto other games such as Halo 3 etc.
    Mid 2011 I got a laptop in the summer and purchased cod4 on the pc and immediately went to the first codjump server I could find. This turned out to be a Styx Server, after a couple of months I applied to Styx got in and continued to develop my Jumping skills until I passed their Elite Test.
    Continue on until mid 2012 My laptop began to struggle after just 1 and a bit years of me having it, too much dust in it caused the cpu to overheat and permanently damaged it, I could no longer reach 333fps :( and barely 250 So I decided to stop Codjumping and went back to the xbox 360.

    Why I want to be a trusted member?
    I want to be a trusted member as this is the only part left of the codjumping community, This is the only active server that I could find and the people that I have met here are all very kind and helpful and I feel like that I want to be part of this and help other people like they have helped me. I shall be a respectful member of the trusted team and will help players where I can.

    How to contact me, You can contact me on the server/via the forums/Steam/TS3(Yet to join the teamspeak but I am able to.)
    Steam -
    Not sure if that is correct if the link doesn't work my Steam name is Foxy.

    I have read and agree with said rules.

    Thanks for reading my application! :)

  • Why I want to be a trusted member?
    I want to be a trusted member as this is the only part left of the codjumping community

    We do have a CJ-Team too :D
    Found here…jumper-Team-Applications/

    Btw, here's your steam profile It redirected (me atleast) to own communitypage so i removed "home" from link