Codjumper team application

  • FUNK i think u saw finish test on galaxy okey hawk is ma best friend in game and with him i can be relaxed and he do spec me other days and i finish test on 2;and somthing but if hawk gona told me im gona spec u for test i mean seccurse for test same think its gona happen so i figure somthing on ma self i never gona make test with speccurse and i told u before that and i feel so sorry for all ppl how give me the chance and confidence but sorry idk i cant do it and i feel so shity :(

  • yea but this is kind of part of the test, its kind of like an "exam situation" we know that u can pass the test when u just do it for fun :D
    so it not the same if u do the test for fun :P.

    But anyways as the test is just a very little requirement so at least one of the cj leaders knows how skilled you are.
    The test is not about that u need that skill to be in the team, its about that we know how skilled you are.

    #Failed test in 5:15

    #Accepted in 3xP' CJ team