• so i was just on the nuketown server, playing with a friend. we got continously kicked by myst for bringing up jokes with eachother which had to do with myst's other report thread about me, which yes, probably was pretty dumb, but if he gets annoyed.. /cg_chattime 0.
    so, i'm now banned for 24 hours, along with mack for wallhack. i don't have anything to add about that. everything is in this thread. mwahh

    he really does think i hack doesn't he?

    right, anyways, to begin with, myst is a really really really butthurt person for getting killed in a game. i don't know if he realises this himself, but he's extremely immature. his profile page says he's 20 but i don't know about that. so far it's like been talking to a 10 year old.
    alright, he does neither have any knowledge of hacks. yeah he probably gets what wh is and whatnot, but he doesn't know how things works.

    yeah.. no roccat doesn't shoot backwards. i know. it just doesn't. [Promod] enzR + dAMMMO!~ - YouTube

    now, what else does he do? well, he kicks for being annoyed far far too easily. and not only just once, no no.

    he also thinks he's some kind of god just because he has the power.

    so, what have myst done wrong? well, he has broken several rules. he's been really butthurt and kicked us more than we had to be kicked. he has lied. he has tried to prove that he knows anything about hacking. he has insulted me (after i sort of, sort of not insulted him. i'm fine with that one). he has banned me with an invalid reason. and finally, he has just not grown up to be in his position of power.

    i'm not taking this between me and myst. that's already been done in his thread. i'm taking this with higher admins, for a solution to the problem. (because myst doesn't want to read the posts where i explain the solution.)

  • Can you stop with the useless insults, while simultaneously criticizing other people for it?
    I dont know what kind of fetish you have with autism and this mlg shit,
    but please keep it for yourself thanks.

    And why are you doing videos about every little thing?
    Yet complaining about people being immature.
    The first post of you in the thread of myst was good but after that,
    you're no better than what you called myst.

    The following bits are about your way of thinking:

    I have read every of your points in the original thread but let me tell you something beforehand.
    I neither say you cheat nor you dont.

    It is very noticeable that you think because of your "explanations" every thing is proven.
    Wrong. Why? Because you cant proof something with words.
    And im not going to discuss how to proof that you are a legit player.
    Thats not the point here.
    Some points are really good, for example that you dont change the playstyle based on member presence on the Nuketown Server, however it has no meaning after all.

    So where do we go from here?

    Myst didnt take the smart way and ignored your points (if its true).
    And what you started doing now was mostly jump on the supposedly
    missing knowledge and contradictions of myst.
    Im impressed you actually recorded your gameplay, but what does this video proof?
    Unfortunately it doesnt proof anything.
    And dont get me wrong im not trying to say you're cheating.
    Im trying to show you that your supposedly 'obvious' proofs are worthless.

    Instead of keeping it clean, you did 2 videos about how hilarious this whole thing is,
    but doing videos about that and calling someone autistic is more ridiculous and kinda sad.
    And what is this second video even?
    You're trying to show that roccat doesnt consider your back?
    Your friend (with apparently good knowledge of cheats, congratz to that knowledge) backs you up?
    Im not gonna ask questions if this is meant seriously.

    Anyway the real problem here is that myst a trusted player is conviced you're cheating.
    And if we're blatantly honest here, theres absolutely no way of proving yourself legit,
    without a considerable amount of effort, which hasnt been invested yet.
    If i would be in your situation i could understand the frustration and i dont say i have
    a good solution for all this.

    But open your eyes:
    Nothing of what you said has proven that you're legit
    and nothing of what has been said by myst has proven that you arent.
    My request of you is following: Before stating things like this:

    banned me for wh when i've obviously proven that i don't have it

    Maybe think some more.

    Best Regards,

    deleted User

  • actually i'm not the creator of the second video. mack did that one. the first one was a major joke about the entire thing, not just myst.
    tbh it's sorted out. myst created a problem for himself and acted childish when he didn't co-operate to find a solution for it. he now stepped back and erased the problem. maybe not the best way, but it's done.
    we've also pm'd quickly. it's fine between us.

    in the end, all i've done is harsh jokes which i've apologized for in a pm. my jokes are never meant to be taken serious or personally. they're jokes. nothing more. laugh with me or don't laugh at all, i don't mind which. just don't take them personally.

  • So i read all of you statements and i have a message for both of you:


    You talking about how "childish" mysts acts but you just act on the same level in most of the pictures u posted, senseless provoking, insulting too and saying "never meant to be taken serious or personally" after an insult is not a free ticked for insulting like you did which was really provoking and meant serious. I dont think you cheat, but i can understand ppl who think the other way cause you are quite good :P.

    Also you gave myst good reasons too kick you (if a guy after i kicked him would reconnect with "viruzhavecancer" i would have instantly tb you, with a good reason)

    You pointing out that myst broke our rules as he used wrong ban reasons and didnt kicked you correct, which is true, but u fucking broke rules too, and repeatingly
    You permanently insult and provoke him, and give me the proove for all that with your screens, even in your fuckin thread you are still insulting him "butthurt person".

    STOP THAT...

    "i sort of, sort of not insulted him" <- WTF PLS READ CHATLOGS YOU POSTED


    You a reacting onto provoke of this guys like a kid, you insult back, you kick them again and again for every fucking sentence they said, your kick reasons where mostly okay but u didnt followed our way to punish it even close
    (warn kick 15minban 12hban)
    also i know that you are quite easily provokeable which i know from the past discussions i had with you, but i also know that you are basicly a nice guy which just gets "mad" a bit quick.
    But getting mad like you got in a position of a Trusted Player is not good and, be warned, you need to stay calm, if i see it more often in future that you react this easily onto provoking of others instead of acting on a more mature level, your trusted player rights will be gone.

    Imagine if you have folowed warn, kick, 15min ban, 12h ban this could have been dealt with way more matureity!
    The list of kickes he posted is wayyy too much for a situation like this so

    STOP THAT...

    Next time you think you catched mwahh hacking, make a demo and make a ban thread. (Normaly you dont need to, you where correct that you dont have to provide a proof, but in this case i want it!)

  • thanks for taking action. just want to clear one thing up which i stopped on when i read what you wrote. i never really changed name to anything offensive.
    i went by: mwahh and unscope=hacks (which isn't offensive at all. it was a pure joke).

    yeah, i responded immature. it gets to me when i try to be mature and serious about the thing, but the other person never makes an act on the same level. if you notice my other thread, it took a couple of posts before i actually really started to get immature, and get on with the insulting.

    yeah i know i broke rules. i simply took some of those kicks without complaining about it.

    and finally, saying someone is butthurt to me isn't an insult. it's more or less a topic which should be discussed whether it's true or not.

    anyways, it's done. thanks for interfeering viruz, i appreciate it. there's nothing more to do here. i'm taking my 24h hour ban for being an immature person towards myst and the rest of the community. not going to really cry about it.
    i hope we all get along better in the future.