trusted player application

  • hello my name is bowser1013 but my real name is Anthony i'm 12 years old and i have been playing deathrun for 2 months i'm rank 15 and im average at the game but the reason why i want to be a trusted player is because i can be trusted because i can get rid of the people who are harming deathrun and im responsible because i dont ban people or kick them i will only do that if there is someone is singling out one person because there bad i will stop that and make sure that it never happens again and if the same person keeps doing it then i will kick them or if i have to go in ot extreme cases the i will tempban them but i will never insult someone because of there religion or culture and i dont tolirate insults of any kinda. this is my application and thank you for your time

  • Hurray my application was used as an example :D

    Anyway, about your app:
    No stats link, you probably didn't read the necessary threads (can't link..) and well, use dots and commas indeed.. You lack information about yourself in your application.. And I'm not sure if I've ever seen you in game, but I'm not that much of a dr player :p
    Nothing personal, but please improve your thread. For now, - 1.

  • Trusted Player Application.

    Hi, my real name is Ilyas i want to be a trusted player on the clan 3xP so for more information read this :
    Name in game : SkyWar
    Age : 17
    Facebook : Ilyas Azzabi
    Activity : Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday/same on the website.
    Best Regards,
    Ilyas Azzabi.

  • Make your own thread. Doing this gives us a bad opinion about you and i'm sure you don't wan't that eh?

  • Declined.

    He hasn't replied for days, didn't even edit his app after several people tried to help him out.

    Also, as you can see in this thread: CoD4 Trusted player application - Recent changes [READ before applying]

    Any too short application, too badly formatted, with too many spelling mistakes, or missing any of the required information, will be instantly rejected, and the applicant won't be able to apply again for the next 3 months, unless an administrator expressly authorizes him to.

    So you'll be able to apply again in 3 months minimum (and with a damn good app, or it will be an instant reject).


    Any problem with a 3xP' server (server down, download loop,...)? - Feel free to mention it in the shoutbox so an admin can take care of it.

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