Moviemaking Team Application : Panda

  • Greetings there.

    Recently Ive been "into editing" and I wanted to be a "better" editor (drizz latest vid somehow it inspired me to get into this)



    In-game: Panda / Panda Eyes

    Reason to join MMT: Got a lot of free time plus like I said at top i wanted to be better editor so I think that as a hobby Since I like "Anime" this maybe be a future job.Plus I guess drizz would help me to get better editor or someone else shows me some tutorials to be helpful

    What programms im using: Vegas 13.0 and recently ive been working on FX(adobe effects) and i got some help from my brother since hes graphical designer.

    Rendering settings and recording: Recording with fraps.Rendering 59.4 FPS 1080p and decreasing filesize and keeping same quality with MOVAVI video suite.

    More info about me (previous app): Panda Eyes CJ Application (i would also be glad to join 3xp team but i guess need more time to gain some trust and etc.thanks)

    (more free time at night after 23:00-8:00 +2 GMT)

    Communication: PandaFrumSpace (skype)

    Non Entry Edit:


    3xP' "NEW!" Entry Edit:

    uploading soon.still rendering.

    720p 60fps performed and recorded and edited by me.
    and more.(just testing around few things with timeline cause i didnt noticed it)

    i messed up with Sync...because i duplicated anaglyph 3d and somehow it turned back 1 second.

  • Hello Panda,

    I liked your edit at the beginning, but this kind of changed after someone told me that this are the cinematics and gameplay from an editing contest and you didnt recorded this stuff by yourself..
    the application edit is there because we want to see what YOU can do, and not what somebody else can do, also i dont really understand what you did there, it looks like you just put cinematic after cinematic then 5 seconds black then repeat some of the cinematics, also you used like no effects just a little bit of sync.

    So i think basicly the only thing you did is a little bit of sync, which isnt editing in my oppinion,

    also in your bhop edit it looks more like just gameplay with music in the background, no velocity editing no fx nothing.

    so my answer is No.



    P.S.: dont take it offensive, im just onest and telling what i think :D

  • Im not getting offended and Indeed I wrote at Description of the video that it wasnt just giving some taste and now im already in progress to make new one to be fair.sorry for this.I was writing at the end of my app that "im making a new" but silly me didnt edited the thread.also got some help from drizz for effects and etc because I was searching around on but seems really hard on Vegas 13 so im currently making a new one on AE(adobe effects) with my own demo.if you can give me about 7-12 hours i can complete one.thanks and sorry.

  • You don't seem to know me well. No, I can assure I would not. Not in public that is :) What I say to my Screen is not even remotely as bad as a Thread containing Insults. I simply don't bother with Cheaters anymore when they're banned until a Unban Request Pops up.
    There is really no need to kick a corpse.

  • i dont rly see a problem in pandas post there, it wasnt the best, but also isnt rly a problem, everyone of us insulted cheaters, also he apologized..

  • Vegas 13.0 and recently ive been working on FX(adobe effects) and i got some help from my brother since hes graphical designer.

    How much exactly did your brother help you with? To be honest, when applying I personally think all the work/skill no matter what it is has to be YOURS not other peoples work thrown in there as well.
    Also, after checking back at the *NEW* Video, In all honesty my eyes hurt just after a few seconds of watching X/

    About your behaviour, trash talking other Members is not what we like to see.
    you may of edited the post not-long after you submitted it but to me, that doesn't change anything on how I see you as an individual.
    for me... it's a No.

    This is my opinion on you & 'your' work,

    My thoughts on you may not matter to you/your application although I guess it's nice to receive feedback from all around.

  • wtf happend to your quality :D 720 looks like 144p

  • Okay heres my opinion:

    It seems like you tried to use as much effects as possible which "look cool".
    But in reality, they arent cool at all.
    What is that FOV? 120? It just doesnt fit and ruins the vid.
    The entire video was missing a flow.
    Without having any flow you cant create any atmosphere.
    For me edits without atmosphere are worthless.

    Try to pick better songs so you can work on syncing important
    part of the clip to fitting parts in the music.
    Use effects to support that flow rather than overusing them which does the exact opposite.
    While seeing the cinematics, one can instantly realize that they're made by using spectatorfly + nohud.
    Thats not how it works. :) Get CoDTV MM , watch some tuts and you can get very pretty cinematics.
    We even have a server for that, im sure you'd be allowed to record stuff on there.

    I wont go on and spot every little thing out and give ideas.
    Just be creative and remember that edits are meant to be enjoyed.
    Thats not the case here, sorry. (atleast for me)

    PS: Dont get demotivated because of feedback, keep going.

    Best Regards,

    deleted User