Trusted player application (JizzInMyPants)

  • My Opinion is now worth something? Yay :P

    Now honestly though. I remember him looking for someone to argue with, mostly after he has/had been told to stop calling Newer Players or those unlucky enough to get raped pretty quickly as noobs. That was around the time i became Trusted1. Therefore you can see my warnings on his statpage about not annoying admins. The swearing one was right after that, I guess it had been because he wasnt agreeing about my warning.

    Looking it up might be pretty annoying right now, the Date and time are avaiable though for someone with some spare time. :)

    Besides that. Alot of Language Warnings/Kicks about other things that repeated.
    He's a friendly guy though, no doubt outside his completly unusual behaviour. Also quite skilled.

    Its hard to say, Ill let someone else decide. Giving him a chance to prove that he is willing to change might contain his... hot temper. :)

  • There are 2 differents names for him., so I guess Multi Account, which will be declined.

    My opinion. I can't say anythinng bad but I can't say anything good. I just hate when someone call a "low" level Player a noob, or say he sucks.

    That's already everything I have to say + we have a decent amount of TP's atm.

    Last time I've watched there were 2 different Accounts with different names. Now it's "clean". How can I understand this. o.O

  • Hey JIzzy19,

    As we have alot of trusted players, we decided to just accept the applications where we are 100% sure, and which get 90 % positive feedback
    We are not 100% sure about you and your application, so we have to decline you.

    Anyways have a nice day,