• Hi Guys,
    In order to quicken and organize the COD4 Rank/Level Restoration process, I have created a newer and simpler method of requesting for restoration.

    In order to successfully re-obtain COD4 Levels or Rank, one must provide:

    • link to desired profile's 3xP' Stats page
    • picture or video evidence
    • reason for lost rank/levels
    • desired scheduled time for restoration or time of availability (Remember to note the time zone as some admins, like myself, are from different time zones!)

    EXCEPTIONS:Trusted 2 and above, 3xP' Members, and 3xP' Administrators can vouch for one's levels/rank for IMMEDIATE rank restoration.

    However, in order for the rank/level to be restored, the voucher must confirm with a post on the thread.

    Example of a proper Rank/Level Restoration Request:

    Example of a proper vouched Rank/Level Restoration Request:

    Hopefully this causes less confusion and makes the restoration process easier for everyone.


  • @DrSi @$iwy.exe

    See,trusted can restore level

    They cannot, they can only vouch for immediate restoration.
    Which means that Si, siwy, or any other trusted above lvl 2 can tell the admins to immediately restore your rank, they cannot do it theirselves.

  • No, we can't.

    Just read this post carefully.

    We can only confirn, that person, who is requesting a rank restore was on that level, which he want to bring back. In this case we need to write a post in his thread and Expert can "immediately" (w/o any additional investigation) restore it. Also, a person who has a Trusted Player Level 2, 3xP member and 3xP Administrator rank can ask about restore w/o any investigation.

    But still Expert is doing all the process.

    However, there was an idea to add a Trusted Player 3+ rank. This person would be able to restore levels on 3xP servers (ktk/dr). But I think this won't happen.

  • They wanted to make it happen, but still haven't I sincerely hope they will add it if they have time. And thx for copying my reply and changing the words <3
    I think u have explained it a little better than I have, that wasn't sarcastic :P

  • <p>hello my in game name is |L$|KiNg2 &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;my stats&nbsp;http://stats.3xp-clan.com/?page=search &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; i have lost my deathrun level my old one was 19 &nbsp; &nbsp;and i would appreciate to get it back. i dont have ana image or video but everyone on the server know i had hight level and friend Gm1 know my level because i was talking to him and asking him to remember my level in case i lost it because i created new profile and put new cd-key and try playing offline as my friends from |D$| clan that are always on the server told me.so i created an other profile and put other cd key then when i went back to the other one my stats where reset and i ignored it and played dr and realized my lvl was lost. plz talk to gm1 and tell him to remember when we were talking about remembering my lvl when we where playing crystal and |D$|hunter told me to try this. Thx :)</p>

    <p>my timezone is lebanon UTC/GMT +02:00</p>