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    Im pretty sure that if you hack, you know that you are hacking and would avoid making contact with staff. So yeah he knows he is hacking cuz he is and he knows that we know cuz its obvious now stop crying and just ban him already and don't turn this from a ban request to a cry party.+you guys should be grateful that we gave a fuck and recorded him instead of just leaving while trusted members dont even bother to join so yeah stop crying kids and 0 fucks given if you don't like my tone you can just not read this

    Just as helpful reminder.

    The 3xP' Servers have a Command to send hidden messages to people.
    That way the cheater wont be warned about the fact he got found out and its therefore easier for members to watch them.

    .pm *Name* *message* (Not sure if this is the right one, lol)
    Name doesnt need to be complete, a part of it should be enough.

    No shit sherlock,we know that.He even knows that we know he is hacking and instantly left when a member came on

    No its not your duty to spot hackers, but as you can read above I need to be sure that a player is hacking before I can ban him.
    Its possible to spot hackers without being in spec

    No offence hawk just being a sarcastic drama queen.You are actually one of the very few staff that i think is good and fair.

    I can't download the ktk mod it says "can't run mod,blood_image not found" or something like that and when i join again it starts to download the whole mod from the start.I did it 3 times and i still can't join.

    I think if ufaced uploads the missing file and gives me the link and tells me where to put it,it might work.

    From what I read about your Key and if i didnt misread something being cracked its so far a No from me. Cracked Keys are still way too dangerous. I wont ask of you to get a Original Key just for becoming a trusted. Its up to you.

    Sorry a bit off topic,I heard something about a Key generator,does that work?

    Nice, freindly, respects others,

    she is a very friendly and nice Player

    can everyone just see how nice she is?

    Not even shocked , getting a no from you .
    Well Because I reported you for using a bug on me and trolling lel right?
    I wasn't gonna shut up especially when a trusted lvl 3 use buggs for trolling.

    EDIT: i don't think i need to write anything here,just collecting a few peicees.

    I have a cracked cd key to but that's no probleme cuz even if someone else will use that key it won't make him trusted, it needs to match with the profile that was originally trusted, i think you probably know that :P

    About the ip's, it's just her brothers (2), and about the names it's either people that love her or just people who want to annoy her....

    I used her name for fun a couple of times too, just for fun xD.
    And the ip problem, exactly what Shae and HaHa say. My brother used to play cod4 too so we shared the same ip. He almost got declined from some 1.6 clan for that too which would have been very unfair. I say we give Sara a chance? She'd make a nicer trusted than Shae and me xD

    The trusted is linked to the CD key not the IP and he doesn't need your profile to be trusted.If someone has the same CD key (exg:me) I'll also trusted player.And as rhoyder said if someone gets banned,the other people using that CD key will also get banned,even if it's temp or perm

    i didn't look good at hd's guy i just looked at the names pretty fast and closed it,didn't check them good

    and the hack needs to be in a local area near the server,u do the math,iraq>germany

    and for the xp,idk maybe luck? or maybe cuz u got it all from ac? maybe ac doesn't do challenges? idk,the point is u haven't got a proof that i am hacking,even if i do that won't mirko be able to check it from his side? and there is no way that the hack would work

    and there is such hack that gives u lvl 55+all unlocked and challenges done but that's only for normal cod4 with no mods

    1st of all, some challenges like falcon or headshot gives 260-460xp and some hard ones like goodbye or famous gave me 1000-2000 xp

    2nd of all, if u looked closly in the pictures we were evenly lvled i just out leveled u in the map in the 2nd picture,think it was beta or something,idk and then u got back to me lvl in poolday

    3rd of all,i don't have such programs and why would i use it to make my self crotian?

    EDIT:exp gained differs per server, basically the integer that stores the amount of exp gained per action is something on the server' side, something that can't be modified with cheat engine or local hacks at all since they can't access that integer

    EDIT #2:maybe high prestiges need more xp?

    the slovik guy i hve 0 idea how he got my name and i would never name my self aaaayob and if u see he named himself aaayob more than dark pro, and he wasn't online in 3 months that means he named himself dark pro after i stopped playing in the ktk server (yes i was a high prestige befor) and i think i saw him before and if u look down u see that toxic potato gave him a tempban,I was never tempbaned by him,ever

    the crotian guy is me, idk how it counted me crotian xD,the kicks from wingzor was just me and him trolling each other,i dared him to shut me up without kicking me or banning me xD

    the kick from blaze was acti on saw,it was a mistake i didn't know i could do that,the kick from mike idk what that was xD

    the kick from drsi well it was a test..

    and the warn from ovecka i don't remember that

    the latvian guy isn't me he must be a name change hacker as u see he has many names but low uses

    the libyan guy is deffintly not me i literly 0 idea who he is

    the indian guy is ofc not me cuz i never played cj i played it for the first time 2 weeks ago i guess

    and if u guys look closly they all have the name aaaayob

    and the diffrence between my name and their name is i have a 0 at the end not O

    and i think they are 1 guy but is changing his cd key maybe,i don't know but he is not me only the crotia guy,dunno why it counted me crotian

    EDIT:i think that latvian guy named aaaaaayob and i had the same cd key counting us same account

    1st of all i was talking to excesus about the mod thingy,i was saying i can't make mc modes work so how can i make a hack work? he said it's a mod not mode,i told him i call it mode :P (not the hack u miss understood that)

    2nd of all,did u ever hear of the word challenges? maybe do them?

    3rd of all,who the fuck would use a lvl hack? the point of playing is to lvl up and when u reach the maximum lvl it gets boring and u have no point of playing the game/mod itself

    PS:that guy isn't me that's a name changer in ktk,maybe check the ban reason?