Trusted player application - W4mBo<3

  • Dear

    I started playing on the 3xP servers now about 1,5 years ago and really enjoy playing on your servers especially on your Kill the king server. I also like to play Cod Jumper and Promod. I play almost every day on one of your servers.

    My real name is Nils I´m 16 years old and live in Germany and I have over 2000 hours of play in CoD4. And played about 90h on your servers.
    My stats: 3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details (bans with no proof that I´m cheating because I´m not !!)
    At the moment I´m a student at a Gymnasium in Germany (it´s like a highschool) and like to play video games. Mostly I play Cs go and Cod 4 but I also play story games and Hearthstone.

    The reason of this application is I want to join your community. I think I´m well-suited because I have many game experiences (1000h Cs go, 2000h CoD4) and can expose hacker and cheater to ban them because it´s annoying if you can do nothing.

    I have read and accept all rules.

    If you want to keep in touch with me: Steam: f4stronix - Ingame: W4mBo<3 or
    xfire: w4mboo (not often online)
    Skype: fantanamen (not often online)

    Thanks for reading, W4mBo<3 ;)

  • Hello W4mBo,

    Nice to see you apply for the trusted rank.
    The application is overall ok and finally someone is able to post their statistic link.
    However, there is still something to clarify about your statistic page.
    Regardless that you already mentioned them: 2 bans on our servers and 1 VAC ban on steam?
    If i remember correctly VAC banned innocent people exactly 1 time and that was 5 years ago.
    Even if theres no proof for the 2 bans on CoD4, this still looks kind of weird.
    Needless to say the trusted rank is for people who we trust and
    in this situation the reliance is reduced to a minimum until the 2 bans are fully explained.
    This is not supposed to sound offensive towards you tho.


    Best Regards,

    deleted User

  • deleted User said anything which needed to be said.

    Also there is already a high number of trusted around. Having stains like VAC Bans really makes it hard to call for an exception like some trusted before.
    As I believe in Toxic's judgement about spotting cheats used this needs to be resolved before considering this application for reviewing.

  • Yep because I´m not cheating now.

    Ye deleted User your right I have a Vac ban. And yes I hacked in Modern Warfare 2 or rather I made hackerlobbys. It´s about 2 years ago. I cheated in Cod 4 too but it´s almost 3 years ago and I know how cheaters play. I know it don´t make me trusted but it´s your decision if you trust me and I understand why you say that is´s weird. I would just be happy if I can kick or ban unfair players or cheaters because they are annoying. But if you say nope I can comprehend it.

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