application for trusted player

  • hi guys :) my name is elvis,21 and im from Albania but now i am living in
    Italy from 10 years, and i currently work as a cook in alice's restaurant.
    I'v been playing cod 4 form past 7 years and iv been playing at least 3-4 hours a day on KTK servers sence I discovered the KTK server. I would like become a trusted player
    in order to contribute to the server with my experience and enthusiasm (and i do have many cod friends on this server).
    Sometimes it happends that new players don't know the rules of the server and they don't respect them.

    It really like this server, for me is the best; and this is the reason i'd like to be a trusted player.

    I have read and i agree to the server rules.
    Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

  • You're the first Person I'll have to state some concerns.

    You were the first in abusing the wrongly set Permissions like the recently fixed !votemap command for voting Lolzor even after strictly telling to stop using it even though the map had been played several times before that. Also you keep drawing my attention for ignoring the English/German only rule.
    In addition your Application is missing some crucial Informations like the Link to your Statistic Page.
    As there is already a high amount of Trusted on KtK. There wouldnt be need to get even more except Outstanding Applications or People who are able to fill in times where rarely any trusted/member is able to get online.

    The only positive points I can tell about you is your high Online Time. Still a no from me. Maybe its only me, so more Opinions are necessary to finalize the process.

    EDIT: Typos fixed (the ones i found that is)

  • Chefffffffffffffffffyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    i wish you best luck!!!!! ma brotha :thumbsup:

    PS: zebi.


  • Hi acabcheff,

    Thanks for your interest in our community.

    However, I will decline your application, for several reasons.
    You seem to be an active and friendly guy, but I don't think you would fit the trusted player role. First, even though Rhoyder told you there was information missing in your app, you didn't edit it. You also didn't take the time to answer to him and to explain why you broke rules. Even though you apparently got only 1 kick in 2015, he said that you abused some commands and broke the language rules.
    I think your English is also not so good which is a bad point when you want to be trusted as you need to be able to communicate well with all players.

    I wish you will still have fun on our server.



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