Noob's CJ Team Application

  • Hello 3xP' community, my name is Noob and this is my 3xP' CodJumper application!

    About me:

    Why I'd like to join:
    I would like to join 3xP' CJ Team because I really enjoy playing on the server and I really like how nice and friendly everyone is! I think 3xP' is the most friendly and enjoyable CJ community and I find everyone very helpful.

    Me as a player:
    I will admit I am not the most amazing CJ player however I am always trying to improve and have got a lot better recently! When playing codjumper I usually do Inter ways, I have finished every inter way I've tried including the longer / harder ones (mp_galaxy) however I have also finished a few Hard maps (eg descent 1 + 2, dark, blu3, blue_2, moon adv, boxes_v2, nevada, etc). My gap record is 368 rpg and 310 no rpg (sorry - I hate gaps!). I am able to do mp_galaxy test way in under two minutes. Here is my stats page 3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details

    I would really like to join 3xP' CodJumper team as I get along well with almost everyone and would like to be a part of the team, I of course fully agree to all of the rules, thank you for taking the time to read! :)


    Contact Details:
    You can also probably find me in the 3xP' CJ server!

  • Hey Noob :) ,

    We all know you for quite a while now and i for myself can definitely say that you're friendly helpful and trustworthy person. Regarding the requirements: You fullfill every requirement already but i would like you to take the test one last time as a little formality.
    Viruz Drizz or me will spectate you and it will be done on the private Server.
    Just ask us ingame or write a PM on Forum when you're ready.

    Theres some things missing in the application and i would be thankful if you could add them.
    The most important thing that's missing is your contact info.
    Steam is heavily prefered and it will ease up alot of things in the process.

    So far you have my clear Yes.

    Best Regards,

    deleted User

  • Ooookeey, sooo let's do this.

    I like you alot, it's always great to play with you and I have so much fun when we play together...
    So a big +1 from me mate.

    Best regards,


    Love Blank, Kappa :)