Moviemaking Team Application - myst.

  • Hello guys,

    I would like to apply for 3xP' Moviemaking Team. All needed informations below. ;)

    Name: Jakub

    Ingame name: myst.

    Birthdate: August 5th, 1995

    Why you want to join 3xP' Moviemaking Team?
    I would like to make some CoD4 edits from time to time. I don't need my own YouTube channel, I don't want to start everything from nothing again. I also really like 3xP' Community, that's why.

    What you want to do in 3xP' Moviemaking Team?
    I would like to make Promod edits. As far as I can see, there are no Promod edits on 3xP' channel.

    YouTube channels I was part of:
    - my own YouTube (deleted)
    -3xP-Arts (Admin & all edits uploader)

    Moviemaking teams I was part of:
    - 3xP-Arts (Admin)
    - Infect Arts (Member)

    Download link to my appclip:

    About appclip:
    Edit done 100% in Sony Vegas Pro 10. Cinematics made by me, alone.

    I agree to all norms (board and YouTube).

    Special thanks to Drizzy and Viruz for helping me out with 3xP' rules and answering to all my questions.


  • Hello myst. :D

    First of all i want to say that i was really looking forward to see your appclip after you told me that you apply here.

    I really enjoyed every second of it.
    Especially those cinematics were just perfect in my opinion.

    Your old edits were sick too.
    From what i saw there i can definitly say that you got some awesome skills when it comes to edit

    About you as person:
    I know you quite a while now and can tell that you are very polite and nice and we became good friends.
    I never had any problem with you and you are reliable as a person and that is what i care much about.

    You clearly have my Yes but i still would like to see what the commnunity thinks about this awesome piece of work.
    Post any of your critics down below.

    Best regards,

  • Nice videos nice guy nice skills.
    I already talked with you about this a while ago but maybe you can manage it somehow now.
    You have to get a HDD to make your edits longer, because they're just too good.
    Would love to see 1-2min vids.

    Offtopic: Come cj more often :love:


  • @Drizz
    Thank you for your amazingly nice words about me. I'm startled. ^^

    @deleted User
    Thank you very much. :) Yes, I sold my 2 TB HDD and like 2 weeks later I installed Vegas back.. For some time, I have solution so I can do edits up to 60 seconds long (maybe even more) on my small space. :) My appclip is short, because I started editing it at April 8th, so including today, I was working on it only 3 days (with recording and making cinematics). ;)

    I will play CJ more in next week, I promise. :)

  • very nice edit :P

    Enjoyed watching it,

    Sry that it took that long ^^, point is i simply for get it :P

    You are accepted in the 3xP' Moviemaking Team, hopefully we will see fast some more epic promod edits ;P.