Removeing !map command for Members & CJ-Members? Vote Pls

  • Should .map/!map command be removed for Members and CJ-Members? 41

    The result is only visible to the participants.

    I Just want to collect the Oppinion of the Community, everyone of the community can vote.

    As i think it just causes promblems & leaving of players on every of our servers (CJ, Nuketown, KtK, Deathrun, HC) members got the permissions to execute .map/!map
    because the mods which requires mapchanges got a voting system for it.

    Mirko is an other meaning and says its usefull for Hardcore when the server is empty and for kill the king, and dont want to change the permission diffrent for the servers.

    So we want to collect Your oppinion about it so,

    Pls Vote!

  • I really only see the problem on our CJ Server.
    It has a high popularity and some people misuse their rights to for their pleasure,
    while the Server loses popularity.
    If if would be a new player and this "abusing" would happen multiple times,
    i would think twice before rejoining again.

    Changing Map shouldnt be used at all except everyone on the server wants it.
    (Useless because theres voting anyway)

    I dont think anyone in our CJ Team is so careless to not see this problem.
    They're in the team and they have a interest in keeping the popularity of our Server.
    If theres anyone with repeated abuse of that command, we should reconsider his place in the Team.

  • The problem also is that for now the !vote map cmd isn't working ^_^
    Because yeah I think !map should be used very rarely, on specific occasions as said earlier, and !vote map is almost always a better choice.


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  • on cj it is sortah annoying whenever the map gets rotated out of nowhere.

    as deleted User said > population drops.

    i would like to enjoy the map the i'm playing unless majority wants it to get changed.

    //voted remove

  • Voted for stay. Members should have access to .map command imo.
    But ithink votesystem should have a higher Y/N ratio for the vote to success, there's mapchanges every 5minutes. Extremely annoying. Also always same maps playing, and thoose maps are on for hours.

    This is what i think.

  • I vote #remove.
    I am fairly new to the 3xP' servers, but what I am noticing is maps going on for hours like already mentioned in the replies. The vote system should have higher ratios for the vote to pass through like HawK mentioned up in the replies. I really like the community but maps change out of nowhere and it's the same maps over and over again. Get's abit annoying, On the other hand its good for the members having the command but the voting system has a low I'll call it cooldown for you to vote again. So using the map command wouldn't really be nececary to use, and I see no point in the command being there. It is my personal opinion so don't hate ;)
    Thanks for reading.

    Best regards, BlankScar.

    Love Blank, Kappa :)