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  • Hi my name is Stipe and i come from Croatia, im 16 years old i have played lots of games over the years but my favourite ones are call of duty series and battlefield series . first shooting game i have played was call of duty 2 which i still play from time to time but my favourite shooting game is cod 4 which i have been playing for 4.5 years. i started playing on 3xp servers 2.5-3 years ago when my cousin showed me ktk server since then i have been playing it a lot ,with 2 minor brakes and one big that lasted 0.5 years. i have also been playing deathrun half year less than ktk and i think of my self as an very good player on both servers im also playing HARDCORE server a aplying for trusted player because i want some order in game between players AND ALSO MY MAIN REASON IS THAT THERE ARE NO ADMINS AT HARDCORE SERVER SO THERE ARE A LOT HACKERS IM FRUSTRATED WITH THAT I NEED TO CALL ADMINS ON CLANPAGE AND IT TAKES A WHILE FOR THEM TO COME AND DEAL WITH IT . some of them are insulting and they are puting bad impression on other players about server . im playing ktk at the times but i switch from ktk to deathrun from while to while.i playing HARDCORE at the moment .i have an xf its: MadDragon(CROPatriot_MAD)i have read terms and rules and agree completly to them!
    my in game name is eFe CroMad
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    thanks for reading and please like :D

  • #Rejected.

    trusted player application- CROPatriot_MAD

    aplication for DEATHRUN trusted

    You've been rejected TWICE already, and got ONLY negative feedback. You got mad for basically nothing. That's already enough reasons to reject your app.

    Regardless of the fact that you clearly don't possess the soft skills required to be trusted player, you currently can't even apply:

    And I highly doubt you have read this: CoD4 Trusted player application - Recent changes [READ before applying]

    Now I'll ask you not to apply for 9 months at least. Any application from you before this, will be instatly rejected.

    And keep in mind that if you just copy-paste the same bad application from your previous one, as you just did, it will also be instatly rejected even after 9 months.
    It's just the same big block of text as it was last time.


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