CJ Stock Map Server?

  • well i could make a script in which viruz or deleted User or any defined admin walksthrough the map atleast once ( or with noclip )

    can use a cmd to type like:

    !tag do a 2-3 bounce to sandbag

    which saves in a log:
    x,y,z( origin of the player),do a 2-3 bounce to sandbag

    which i can easily put in a script to create hintstrings with range of like 100units i.e

    pretty simple.

    you just see in your screen like the press [USE] or press SPACEBAR to climb messages.

    ( i know more admins around here are able to script this. isn't that hard at all )

  • all in all i dont think it would change really much if just just make spots and give out a message "bounce on car or thing like that, i think its too much works for a server which will be too inactive.

    we can setup a cj stockmap server, but i wouldn't spend time to mark ways which people have to go.

    im more interested to put time into our normal cj server, instead of putting time in a server where i wouldnt play that often, and i think noone else would
    play that often too.

    i would love to add tutorialmaps to the rotation of our normal cj server, thats alot work too, and im not familiar with mapping so i bet im not able to do this.

  • Ekiij next time flag your thread as english so everyone can see it :P

  • I really like jumping and playing with the fps. In my personal opinion, I'm ok / good at Deathrun (bounce, strafe) but I definitely need much more training.

    If this maps are "beginner" friendly, I would really give it a try, since I want to become better and want to have more succesful jumps / bounces / strafes :D

    And I know, I suck at CJ X/:whistling:


  • I know what stock maps are ^^ and I do know some strafes and bounces. But there are some really insane jumps which I can't do :(
    I'm bad at really short strafes and at long jumps where you have to switch your fps 2 - 1 - 3 - 1 or so (example).
    And I can't Elevator, no matter what I do, no matter which settins. It's just not possible for me, which sucks.

    Hope you understand what I mean.

  • i didnt under stand why u quoted my comment :P

  • lol Viruz ^^

    1. There was Jumpmaps which called "tutorialjump"
    These map got Ways which were seperated in like 20-40 rooms (beat room1 = tp to room2, beat room2 = tp to room3 etc.)
    The Rooms was just little parts which are cutted out of stockmaps.

    2. Would be so nice if cod4 had such jump maps, would even make codjumper interesting for promodplayers.

    EDIT: I should have quoted UFaced too, but he wrote to much and I didn't wanted to read all that again xD
    EDIT 2: Sorry UFaced :D

  • @|HD| If you want to get into CJ you need to have a certain attitude. My opinion is that its best to learn about strafes/bounces/strafechanges/fps-switches/angles/rpgtiming/techniques on Custom CJ maps. And yes im talking about REAL strafes, not whateverish-dr-"strafes". :rolleyes:

    Also you need to remember that it wont happen in 1 day or 1 week or 1 month. Skill will come anyway, aslong as you keep trying, spot your mistakes and try to improve.

    I do NOT recommend stock maps because bounce surfaces are ALOT smaller and at random angles, so the actual sweetspot for bounce is a hundred times smaller than bounces on custom maps.

    Im not trying to talk against the Stock map server tho, its just a personal opinion to what |HD| said.

  • Ok, thanks for the advice deleted User. We all wan't fast succes, but it don't work that way, I know it too :P

    I do know Dr isn't the right place to train for jumps x) I just mean, that I enjoy it and willing to know more about it.