3xP' CoD4 server rules

  • 3xP' CoD4 Server Rules

    - General Rules -

    Apply on all of our CoD4 servers.

    #1 - No cheating/hacking.
    => Obviously, zero tolerance for any kind of cheats.

    #2 - Respect each other.
    => No swearing or racism of any kind is tolerated on our servers. Also no flaming/spamming.

    #3 - English or German only.
    => English and German are the only languages accepted on our server.

    #4 - No advertising.
    => Don't advertise for other CoD4 servers.

    #5 - Don't annoy admins.
    => Don't repeatedly ask for stuff like map change, kicking/banning someone, and all admin-related stuff.
    Overall, don't tell admins what their job is, they know it well enough.

    #6 - Don't use an offensive name & Don't fake names/tags.
    => Basically all insulting names, towards anyone. Also, don't use the tag of a team/clan you're not in, and don't "steal" the name of another player.

    #7 - Don't use any kind of scripts/macro to shoot faster.
    => Using binds/scripts or a mouse macro is forbidden.

    - Specific rules for each server -

    -= Kill the King =-

    #1 - No spawncamp.
    => Don't spawncamp the guards.

    #2 - No harmful glitching.
    => It means, not going outside the map, no elevators.

    #3 - Don't suicide or leave the game when you're the King.
    => Doing this ends the round for everyone and can be very annoying.

    #4 - When you have a nade stuck on you, don't run to your teammates to kill them on purpose.
    => You're supposed to help your teammates, not to kill them. This is against the gameplay.

    -= CoDJumper =-

    General rule #3 (English or German only) doesn't apply on CJ. Players are free to speak any language they want.

    -= Deathrun =-

    #1 - No lagjumping.

    #2 - No excessive trollish behavior.
    => Being the last jumper alive and just fooling around instead of running the map and thus making everyone wait, for instance. Or blocking a part of the map, etc.

    #3 - Respect the line in front of a room. [Currently dismissed]
    => When you reach the endroom(s), respect turns. First arrived enters first, 2nd arrived enters 2nd, etc.

    #4 - Don't glitch/Don't use bugs.
    => Don't glitch outside of the map or stuff like that, don't kill the activator if you haven't reached the end room.

    #5 - Don't activate on free rounds.
    => Some maps are bugged and the activator can activate traps even if he gave free round. That's not allowed.

    #6 - Don't suicide as activator.
    => Don't kill yourself on purpose when you're the activator. It ends the round for everyone and can be very annoying.


    Punishments associated with the above-stated rules:

    See here: CoD4 - Punishments for rule breakers


    Things that are NOT rules:

    Basically, anything that isn't written in this thread is not a rule, and thus is allowed. If you think something should be changed, you can discuss it here.
    I will clarify a few things anyway:

    --All servers--

    - Camping is allowed.


    - Knifing in sniper room (and in any other rooms) is always allowed.
    - Wallbanging is allowed (except if it's a bug).
    - Hardscoping is always allowed.
    - Choosing the endroom you want even though the activator did free round and asked for another room is allowed. It's kind to respect the activator's choice, but you're absolutely not obliged to.
    - "Trapcamping" is always allowed. After all, that's what deathrun is about.


    - Being afk is allowed (except if 1st assassin is alone and afk, or both the dog and assassin are afk).
    - Wallbanging is always allowed.
    - Harmless glitches are allowed. Basically, as long as the glitch doesn't provide a huge advantage (like killing while under map, or being almost unkillable in general), it's allowed.
    - Scrolling is allowed. This might change but for now I think it's just too hard to handle (knowing whether someone is scrolling or just really fast clicking is sometimes really hard).
    - Reconnecting/leaving as dog is allowed.
    - Spawncamping the assassins is allowed (too hard to manage, and dying as assassin is a lot less frustrating than dying as guard anyway).

    Note to trusted players & members about scrolling/scripting/macro: Basically, if someone empties his deagle clip in less than half a second, you can warn/kick him. If he shoots really fast but still not that fast, and you cannot be sure he's not someone who can actually click super fast, don't kick.

    Note: This thread can be subject to slight modification. You can discuss the rules here.


    Any problem with a 3xP' server (server down, download loop,...)? - Feel free to mention it in the shoutbox so an admin can take care of it.

    3xP' TS3 IP: ts.3xP-Clan.com | Click here to directly join it.

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