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    Hello guys !

    After some thinking , i decided to apply to the codjumper team, with a little encouragement from Scaya.

    -Your Ingame Name: AlterEgo


    -My Hardest Map finished :
    mp_galaxy, mp_colour , im pretty far in mp_edge and started dark_v3

    -My gap record is : 317 norpg , 375 rpg , altough im not a really big fan of gaps

    -The Languages u are able to talk & The country in which you live: I live in Hungary, also Hungarian is my main language and im able to speak english

    -Why i want to join to the 3xp ?
    I really like the community and the members, i want to keep alive cj and the interest in the new players to keep playing.
    I want to help players with techs, fps, everything i can. When a player ask me to help and if he is at the opposite side of the map, way its really time consuming to get there , so the ufo script/tp ability also would be a huge help :)
    Also i would like to help editing some WCD , as soon as i have some freetime

    Also i can make maps (mine is al..hmhm..most finished), also im very interested making edits , but i need to improve myself in it.
    I can make skins , textures for maps.


    -A little about me:
    My name is István, i live in Hungary and im 17 years old. Im a student in a high school , currently im in 11th grade studying to be an engineer.
    I do workout in my freetime , alongside with playing pc games , such as CoD4, and very rarely DayZ bc there is noone to play with
    The musics i usually listen to are rock, country rock, rap, punk, rarely Electro.

    -My gaming career in a nutshell:
    My gaming career started on playstation 1 when i was 5-6 years old, some year later i got my playstation 2 later. The first game i played with was metin2 , but these kinda games are not my favorits.
    Later on i started CoD2 which got into my heart instantly.Then i started CoD4 which was also a very good game to play with , at the time i spent 4k hour in it.
    After a while i got bored from CoD4 and i tried MW2 , Black Ops 1, MW3..... basically all COD , but somehow none of it was that good as 2,4.Then i got back to CoD4 after a break.
    Mostly i played zombie mods , and promod but both mod was overplayed and somehow i got an idea to join cj , and this was the first server i was on.
    Then i met some ppl , and later on we made our cj server. I was the leader of nh but after a year i had to stop it duo inactive member issues.
    Sometime after i joined msg, but that didnt work out for me.
    Some month ago i started to play on 3xP again, and as i mentioned i really like the community, and i want to help players to stay in a good cj shape :thumbup:

    -My 3xP' Statistics page profile link:
    and gametracker list , 3xP' Codjumper : Top Players

    -My Steam profile:, feel free to add me. (vac is bc i forgot to turn off space macro....... or just lord gaben hates me)

    -Write an Agreement that you will follow this rules and agree with them and that u read them:
    I agree with the rules & will follow them.
    You have been accepted in 3xP' CJ-Team .
    General Server Rules .
    Premade ban reasons you should use .
    Rulebreaker Punishment .

    I've read the rules & agree with them.

    Happy holidays :thumbsup:

    5. Descent_v2

    Very good map for players to try to taste the hard ways first , altough very well structured map , also very fun for advanced players to speedrun it
    And every bounce fit perfectly to the map

    4. blue_v2

    Well , i can say same as descent_v2 , good choice for taste hard first , also i learned the basics of cj there :P

    3. galaxy

    At the time when i started cj i couldnt finish easy , but later on with some help i could beat all way, this map gave me a lot of good tech , and experience
    + as Funk mentioned , very well balanced map

    2. palm

    Same reason as descent_v2/blue2

    1. dark

    This was the first harder map i finished , and i like the style of the map

    Main issue is the demo bug , that is if you record a demo with the newest client , others most likely wont be able to open the demo with 1.7 client bc the game just crashes

    He is not the only who experience fps drop at some part of the map , i belive its caused by the textures and the detail work with the brushes (and maybe the insane wide space with the bounces/plates). Maybe if you lower your resolution as i do and the others , you can play the map with 333.
    Even if scaya could fix this , it would take a few changes on the map and maybe it would change the difficulty of some bounce (clear the invis barrier in ez to be able to continue plz , and fix the insane cuts in hard) , but the WTs are already done (except ez) . Scaya rushed the map , but since he finished it under a very short time , and its his first map , im sure he will make a better map in the future .