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    I gotta have to change my vote.
    I think you only applied because you was bored, and i don't think you are that active on the server either.
    Also, you mentioned that you don't plan on making edits, so basically there is not too much benefit you can provide.
    I'd like to see you as a trusted player instead of a member. ( No offense or anything, i just feel like that)

    Okay, so my opinions are.

    Feels like you only want to be a member to punish ppl, since you mentioned that there is no member to monitor the server at 8 AM, which is not true.
    Also, your reason to join is that they can't be punished, which is also not true since you ( trusted ) can kick, tempban, warn, even using !say.
    Also, the arguing thing between me and you was never a big argue, we cleared things up.

    But thinking about that also Viruz mentioned that you have argued with a few ppl, in a long term it could make some members leave or clan internal issues.
    Some member mentioned that you could ''fill'' the inactivity between WCDs could happen, but you didn't mention that in your app. Also, i think we would need more demo, instead of editor but that always comes handy :P

    I think you are a cool guy, but i hear a lot that you can get offended very quickly.
    Give us more reason why you would want to become a member.

    Well, this was unexpected.
    I know you for a while now, you are a good jumper, nice person.
    You could also make contents like maps, edits.

    Besides that there was that fight under my WCD ep, we talked it, so there is no problem left.
    But that fight between you and Baddy was childish and irritating. I'm not sure if you talked the problem with Baddy, but if we accept you, will this fight still continue or go even further?
    I'm going to hold my vote until you guys clear the problems up, then you'll have my yes.

    Well, fre4kZ was right with a lot of stuff, that's for sure.
    As me, i enjoy making contents for cj and trying to get new players motivated to keep playing cj.
    Also playing the game in a row for a very long time can cause problems like these, that you just
    run out of motivation to do it.

    I always preferred to take a little break from playing cj, and focusing on mapping, editing or other stuffs.
    Tho the game is realllllly old, i think this is the best cod and the best mod ever created ( if you disagree, this is only just my personal opinion)
    I'm also playing to see friends on cj, or just sit down and try out some jump or help others out.
    Tho i think there are a lot of things that needs to happen, and a lot of opportunity in the mod that waiting for release.

    Tho fre4kZ post can seem like demotivating, and maybe others think as well, i think you just need to find what you really like doing in cj, either if you playing to become the best/better or just having fun with friends or maybe editing videos, mapping, making speedrun events, or anything that you find fun.

    I always wondered how a whole mod, community based on a bounce bug, that still entertains ppl up to this day.

    As Frisbeesky said, i would like to see your point of view about this ''situation'', and i like to say that as long as there are new players, and who take care about stuffs, cj won't die!

    btw fris, finish that montage bc there are a lot of ppl who would want to see it. Take it as motivation :D

    2months. hope u learn as fast as I did. As alter said u need more skill ;p

    He progressed, but he applied to the trusted player, so he don't need to be a really good jumper.
    I think he hit the requirements, and as bunny mentioned he is friendly and a nice guy.
    You also have 186hour on the server, so that's a good time, also by the new statpage paragraph seems like you are on almost every day.
    (btw i edited ur statpage link bc the statpage changed )

    Tho after that guy, called Shotz who just changed his behavior in a matter of a second, i would still like to be more careful.
    But I'm gonna change my previous opinion, so I'm gonna give you my yes

    I always nice to anyone. When i talked to you on ts , you looked like an intelligent & nice guy.
    Then i checked ur profile and saw that you were not active for a while on servers/ts and you kept ignoring me.
    Then this conversation wow, maybe I'm not one of the owners but i think it's clear to them as well that accepting you would be kinda bad.