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    When mp_race has been on for 6 hours straight and u start to run into psychosis which makes u hang up farmers on walls like they are paintings...

    Well... I love funky music. Not really xd

    Around 3-4 years ago I wanted to come up with a new name so I came up with Funkivion. It sounded too long so I changed it to Funkbuzz.
    Later it changed to Funk Attack (this is the part where I really started to like the word "Funk".

    Later when playing in 3xP' people just kept calling me Funk without the Attack so when I joined 3xP' I left the Attack out.

    Now I feel like enough people know me as Funk so I will prolly never change it again.

    Ironically, during past 1-2 years, the neurofunk edm genre has become one of my all time favorite music genres. Dunno if it is a coincidence or meant to happen xd

    I've seen you on the server few times I think, nice to see that you have interest in the team!

    However, due to many recent applications, I think we need to pick our members more carefully and see who are the most beneficial to the team.

    Since the only benefit I see from you is providing demos (maybe) I don't see a lot of reason to accept you.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm sure that you are a nice guy and all, but I have to think what is best for the team.

    Just keep playing in the server and get known to more admins, maybe look into mapping or editing. Then I'm sure we can accept you.

    - Funky

    Hey guys!

    I thought it would be a great idea to see what maps are the CJ players' favorites. This is mainly targeted towards the CJ-team members but others can comment their picks too. It would be awesome if you included a description of why you think a specific map is your favorite. This is just for fun! :P

    My picks are:

    5. mp_mountainbase

    A classic map that I used to play all the time. I remember how I felt when I completed this map for the 1st time, I was so proud of myself. Other maps are obviously objectively better but I had to include this because I remember it so fondly.

    4. mp_crazy_jump

    Similar to 5. because this was a map that I always thought was hard for me but when I finally beat it I felt like a boss. Even when I got better, it was very enjoyable for me to just run through it every once in a while just for lols because none of the jumps were actually hard.

    3. mp_dark

    Most people remember this map from its iconic hard way, but for me it's all about the easy way. One of the 1st easy ways that I beat and I remember improving a ton when I used to tryhard it for hours. Of course I later improved enough to play the hard way which is very enjoyable as well.

    2. mp_galaxy

    Galaxy for me is the most well thought out map there is. Every way is made with care and (almost) every bounce is enjoyable. Such a shame that the map is so overplayed now that even I who used to love it when it came out doesn't enjoy playing it that much anymore. Though, that's not the map's fault.

    1. mp_descent_v2

    Surprise! Boo fuckin hoo! But yes, this is the best map there is (IMO ffs)! Easy way is perhaps the best route for beginners out of all maps. Of course there are many other maps that are objectively better than this for beginners but for me nothing can top this. And how could I forget the hard way. The 1st proper hard way I completed and also commonly known as the best speedrun map there is. Feels like no matter how old this map gets, I will never get bored of it. Atleast once a week I play a one quick run of this map whether it's in the server or devmap. Definitely the map that comes to mind when we are talking about CJ as a whole.

    That's it! I have some honorable mentions too but those were my top 5.


    mp_atlantis - amazing design and theme
    mp_edge - love that type of design, just makes me wanna play it even though it's hard af
    mp_race - speedrun map, 7 ways + bonus rooms lol and ofc made by Noob.

    I hope others will post their lists now. Can't wait to read them!

    Thanks for reading! :thumbsup:

    - Funkelinoboi (idk lol)

    I actually want to see the main concept before adding any of those secondairy things. But free fun sounds good.

    Look up MW3 infected gameplay

    I just had the idea of adding in a sort of "free run" time at the beginning of each match to give the people who have never played the map before a chance to familiarize themselves with it. I was thinking of also having a save/load system for this time. Right now I think 2 minutes would be a good length.. But then again it might be a bit short. Does anyone have any suggestions to improve this idea?

    Let's just make sure that the core gamemode is fun/playable at first, shall we? :thumbup:

    Ok so the gamemode works with 1 player starting out as an infected and the rest are just runners who try to survive. The infected tries to kill the runners with a knife and when he gets a kill, the player he killed will become an infected as well. At the start its ez since runners only need to avoid 1-3 infecteds but later it will become more chaotic when you are in like the last 5 runners and there are 20 infecteds trying to knife u :P

    The infected wins if they can infect all the players before time runs out
    The runners win if they can avoid getting infected before time runs out.

    This would be meant to be played in small maps with ez-inter level bounces with lots of different jumping opportunities to allow a proper chance to the infecteds and at the same time some really cool jumps to the cj pros.

    There will be no saving/loading system as far as i know since it would break the gametype.
    The runners cant kill the infected, only avoid.
    Infecteds can and are suppose to kill runners with only the knife.
    Maps are suppose to be non-linear 'jumping arenas' with all kinds of bounces and gaps.

    Hopefully this explained a little!
    I hope this was what you meant DuBCraft :P

    Idk about the other gametypes but infected with knife only would be really fun I think.
    I can definitely help with mapping when it comes to making the jumps and bounces. Scripting is what I'm a bit concerned about since I have no past experience with it.

    You mean like an arena based gamemode with small maps that have bounces as well as gaps? Like non-linear maps?

    Hell yes!

    I can make the map (or atleast help making it) sometime during christmas cuz this sounds sick :D
    Shouldn't be a lot of work :P

    Design seems nice and sky looks sexy!

    I remember testing this a few times and the jumps seemed cool. Not too hard :P

    P.S. u forgot my name, tho i only tested like 3-5 times xd