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    I think it was the second one when u sent me a snap of you driving at around 200km/h during night. Then few hours later you sent me a selfie of your bloody face. Was not hard to put the pieces together haha

    lmao HawK I just asked a normal question, if someone can spend 200 hours, he clearly has nothing better to do, but people are so butthurt by any reaction i make. Brainwashed community..

    Because your reaction is always disrespectful which makes you a very unlikable person. Even after 10 years of this game coming out, its a miracle that people are still creating content but you just can't let that be. You always have to find something to cry about. Your attitude is so elitist its ridiculous. You keep discrediting people who have put hours of work onto their projects and then when you get justified backlash from your outright mean comments, you act like you have done nothing. Sure you can still say "it's just my opinion man" but to then act like others should act the same or accept that...

    "Brainwashed community" dude you can't be serious man, I have never seen a more delusional person holy shit...

    Hey Becky!

    I'm afraid we will have to decline your application since you got no responses from our current members.
    If you are still interested in the member position in our CJ-team, I recommend getting to know a lot of the current members in the server so they can vouch for you during the application process next time!

    3xP' CJ-Team

    Yes there is!

    In radiant under the 'Textures' drop down menu there's an option called 'Find / Replace'.

    Put the old texture name in the 'Find' box and the new texture name you want to replace the old texture with in the 'Replace' box

    Then click 'OK' and boom you're done!

    It's now been a little over a week since mp_sierra's release and quite a few of bugs have surfaced.
    Most are just textures missing here and there but some are more serious.

    I've been updating the map since the release to fix everything that I have found.

    Here's the updated map download link:


    If you find more bugs, please report them to me so I'm aware of them.
    I might do another update if necessary.

    Thanks again for the support and great feedback on the map! :thumbup:

    Funk, your map really gives me the original cj feeling that older maps from before 2014 give me.
    The original feeling that alot of recent maps have failed to deliver to me personally.
    Add the superb architectural design and layout to the equation and you end up
    with a perfect map.

    Thank you for releasing it.
    Credits to everyone involved.

    It's no surprise you might feel this way since Stagox started his project all the way in 2014. Some of the jumps are unchanged since then.
    Here's a preview I found of that map from 2014 for you and others interested:


    Even though i know my opinion doesn't matter . aybut I really enjoyed the map. good job

    Bunny is right, never assume that I wouldn't want to hear feedback. I'm always looking forward to reading these comments whether its on videos or the map.

    Anyways thanks a lot guys!

    Hey guys!

    I'm finally going to release my second map to you:


    This map is a map from the community to the community. Started a long time ago with Stagox working on his 1st unnamed map and Skorpiik working on his project mp_above.
    Eventually both projects froze in time and were sadly discontinued. I had the awesome fortune of knowing both of these people well and saw and really cool opportunity.
    I decided to take matters into my hands and asked if I could have the unfinished projects. Both of them were in differences phases of development at the time as Stagox's map had
    a well realized easy and inter way but hard was only getting started. On the other hand Skorpiik had started his map with the hard way in mind, but no easy or inter way.
    My original vision was to just combine the projects into one, rebalance the jumps and refine the design. That's it.

    However, once I finally got the projects, what followed was a over a year of hard work. Most of the time went into testing and balancing the hard way.
    Skorpiik wanted to have a REALLY hard hard way on his map so I decided to respect that and kept it hard. Only the start of hard way was made a bit easier by me to make it feel less punishing and overall more enjoyable.

    I also had to rework both the easy and inter ways as they had very few jumps to begin with and the already made design was way too hard to work on.
    Turned out it was much easier to just take the jumps and rebuild everything that Stagox had already made, with me giving it the extra "funkyness".

    Later on around 6 months in to the project I decided to add some secrets that evolved into adding a TON of secrets. I admit I got a bit carried away but its too late now xd
    I added stuff like a funroom and music room (music clientside only). Me and Drizz also made a new membertest way that was originally intended not to be released at all but we decided its better to let people practice beforehand.
    CJ-lead will provide more info to the applicants of this new membertest in a later date or atleast on the point when they have to perform the test for the CJ-lead. Just know now that the mp_galaxy test way is not the test way we use anymore.

    The map also has a bhop secret way thing. Not sure what to call it honestly. I created 10 bhops that start from the roof of the start building and each end on a square land plat. You get access to a secret area if you manage to land all of them!

    Each main way (ez, inter, hard) has 5 collectables that if they are found will unlock a secret room upon finishing the map.

    Thats it from the main features of the map I think. So far only the main ways have walkthroughs done. I may do more walkthroughs later on for the test or bhopsecret way.

    For now here's the wts for the main ways:

    Thanks to NoobAim and Drizzjeh for helping with the videos!

    Thanks to Boat, Noob, Ultimate, Skazy and BUSH1DO for all the mapping help!

    Thanks to NoobAim, Drizzjeh, Treaxer and Moug for their constant testing!

    Thanks to the community for harassing me and pressuring me to finish the map!

    I guess all that's left is to give you the download link...


    That's it then. Report any bugs or other problems to me and I'll fix them.

    Funky out!

    i wish you didnt loose motivation for that mp_funky :/ design looked cool af on it :p

    People need to understand that the map is a mess and very little is actually done.
    A lot of stuff would need changing and the map would overall need an insane amount of effort that I'd much rather spend on something way better.
    This is on top of the fact that it's not a very original map (anymore) which just makes me to work less and less on it.

    If I'm ever going to release funky its going to be after a heavy redesign until I'm happy with it and have motivation to continue.

    People might think that all the time I spent on funky was a waste of time then. Not at all, I learned so much when making that map than ever. None of my current projects would be where they are now without funky.


    Here's a preview of my next map: mp_sierra!

    Born from the ashes of mp_stagox and mp_above, mp_sierra is combining multiple map projects into one. Originally this was suppose to be a quick project but now after well over a year its finally coming together.

    mp_sierra consists of 3 main ways (easy, inter and hard). Easy starts off very easy and gets into an easier inter territory later on. Inter I would say is standard Inter way in terms of difficulty. Hard way will be the new hardest released codjumper way. It consists of Skorpiik's mp_above bounces which have been heavily tweaked to fit the progressive design of the map. Hard way starts off relatively easy with around 13-14/20 difficulty and later in the end peaks at around 18/20. It is now considered to be harder than mp_on_the_sky and mp_sunset so it is the new hardest way as of its release.

    In addition to that, the map has the new 3xP' membertest way, a funroom as well as a bhop secret "way". Map has a ton of secrets that should keep it interesting for the years to come.

    mp_sierra will release in the coming month or 2 when all planned walkthroughs are done.
    Until then, enjoy this preview me and Drizz cooked up!