Trusted player application - YasH

  • INFO:


    My name is Jacob im 22 years old from Israel, And I would like to apply for a trusted member :).

    Currently I'm working as a programmer in ABAP and soon will attend Ben-Gurion university for a computer science degree.

    Been playing on the PC since I can remember myself, mostly shooters and some MMORPGs when I was younger.

    I started playing CJ about 5 years ago more or less and have been playing since, Even though I took some long breaks from the game couple of times.

    I've been pretty active since June and hope to keep it that way.


    Here is my current playtime for this Key -

    Overall though I have roughly 700 hours of playtime on 3xp CJ server, My current Key is hopefully the last I play with ( After 13 years of existence I finally bought the game so no more shitty keys :P ).

    Can provide the other Playtime stats if necessary.


    I think I can help some players struggling on easier levels of the game as well as on the administrative side.

    Can do all INT ways and some HARDs if given enough time :).


    Can join Discord server if needed, Will try to stay active on the site as well.

    I have read and agreed to the following topics:

    Thanks, Jacob.

  • Okay I'll start you shy basterds xd

    I've seen Yash playing on the server for years.

    From what I've seen, he always had a good behaviour and being nice to the other people on the server.

    I haven't personally spoken to him alot but he seem to be a good guy!

    I don't see why not, I have nothing to remark on and he is well known in our community.

    But one thing I wonder.. Why don't you apply for CJ-Team instead?

    Good luck Jacob!

  • Nice to see your post Yash, I know you've probably read my post in Discord ( by now, but just to re-iterate we have unofficially stopped reviewing/accepting trusted apps as there isn't much use for trusted players on the server anymore (they also don't really get any bonuses). However, message me next time you're on the server and I'll hook you up with some stuff for your nice app. Cheers :)

    edit: apologies for the super delayed response by the way, nothing personal! Remind me on the server and you'll get some "I'm sorry" coins!