3xP CoDjumper Mod Update 1.4.0 Released [Profiles, Challenges, and More]

  • Hey,

    Today we released another update for the CJ mod.
    The update brings user profiles and challenges to the mod.

    Profile Example

    Comparing Profiles Example

    Challenges Example 1

    Challenges Example 2

    Rough Changelog

    • Adds profile menu
    • Adds challenges menu
    • Every player has a profile showing their speedrun stats and more
    • !p [name] command to view profiles
    • !c [name] command to compare profiles
    • !m [motto] command to set your profile motto
    • Challenges can be completed to earn coins and ranks
    • Challenges are classed into different groups (difficulty)
    • !challenges [name] command to view someone's challenges page
    • Added 36 challenges to be completed
    • Added Queen Rank
    • Added challenge ranks (EzPro, IntPro, HardPro, Speed, Low Hit, God)
    • Improvements to haxfps system
    • Misc. fixes
    • Added loadscreens for some maps
    • Various improvements and bug-fixes

    Bug Bounty

    Same as usual, if you spot any bugs and report them privately you will be rewarded :)

    Hope you all enjoy the update,