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  • My name is Denis, I am 19 years old and I am from Russia. I work and study, in my free time I play CoD4 or football.

    My first game was gothic, and from that I began my journey xd I playing other RPGs and shooters. In 2007 I found out about cod 4 and immediately started playing it. I really liked it and eventually began to show interest in total domination in the game xd learned to strafe, looked at showcases of stock maps and tried to repeat almost everything that was there. After a while, I started playing on the cj servers, but I didn’t work very well and I forgot about it and about cod 4. And in the summer of 2018 I returned to it again and started playing 3xp cj. Many people helped me and help now if I cannot do something. Even though I have already learned something.

    I want to be trusted because I want to help other players who play worse than me. I still do it now, but sometimes I have to go all the way to show 1 bounce if no one is online. I would also help clean the server of toxic players. I really like 3xp cj and I respect each of the clan members. I want normal players on the server. I try to play on the server everyday:saint:

    My stats:

    My contacts: Discord skyzoo#0865


    Thanks for your attention <3

    Agreed with rules .

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