maskyE Cj Application

  • NAME: Denis

    BIRTH DAY: 03/02/1996

    COMING FROM: Slovenia

    INGAME GAME: maskyE


    ONLINE/CJ SERVER: Every day 5 hours+

    MY SKILLS IN CJ: 3/4 maps on your server i can finish on INTER but this moment Hard way is really Hard for me, but in future will not!

    MORE ABOUT ME: I'm Denis, coming from Slovenia, i'm 23 Years old. My english skill is not perfect, but I trying to be understandable in every way.
    I finish a machine engineer school my job is CNC operation/Programming.
    My hobbies: Programming Cnc machines G CODE/ Scripting and cracking on x64dbg program. When i have free time I editing a mini clips for CSGO or COD4. I know how to make websites in WORDPRESS
    with plugins and functions.

    I edited today for your team leader drizzjeh mini clip. I edited only in 3 hours. It short but I think for 3 hours is good :P


    SOMETHING ABOUT MEMBERS IN CJ: Really good members and friendly, when i was a beginner they always came to my aid. Thank you for help ( Drizzjeh, Hawk, Arkani, Treaxer, Noob, Toxic and more )

    And for end I will say truth Why i want to be 3xp member in CJ.

    I want to be 3xp member because I want to help every beginner on CJ server so like me when i was a beginner and your members helped me.
    and the MOST IMPORTANT i want to be movie maker for team 3xp. If i will rejected from member i will still make movies clip for 3xp clan! Because I really enjoy when editing CJ Clips.

    I think this is all from me. I'm such a man that always want to help other.

    Sorry for my ENGLISH maybe i wrote something wrong ;D

    Noob edit: removed surname

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