Member application [closed]

  • Hey y'all!

    My name is Bálint (ingame: modesty).
    I've been thinking about creating this thread for a year actually, but I've never really made the move.
    I couldn't basically, because of university, but I have finally finished it, and got a job *clapclap*, so it's easier now as I have more time.

    I'm delighted, that this server's still operating.
    Here I'm going to add the most important details about myself in connection with my previous cj activities:

    -I've been playing since 2009, but not continuously. I was in a CodJumper clan in 2010 if I'm right called "-SJT-" or something like that.
    -The hardest map I have already finished is mp_galaxy.
    -My gaprecord with rpg is 381, and without rpg is: 318.

    And here I'm going to add a few information about myself:

    -I'm 26 years old, and live in Hungary, in Leányvár which is a small village. (Und auch ein ungarndeutsches Dorf)
    -I can speak 3 languages fluently: English, German, and Hungarian.
    -I used to play in a football team for 10 years, but I had to give up on it, because of a knee injury. Now I play with my friends or with ex-players from team once or twice a week.
    -I've been playing the trumpet for 15 years and I am a member of the local band called Leányvár Sramli (Leinwarer Schrammel für Deutsche;) )
    -Currently I'm working in the wholesale trade business as an economy-IT specialist.
    -The main reason why I want to join the team actually, is the atmosphere you guys grant, and it's not a negligible thing to be a part of a community.

    I guess that's all for now. Tschüss! :)

  • Hey

    Some of you know, that I'm now moving to a new place, which goes with a lotta trouble. So hereby I'm asking for your patience, because I have to buy a new computer. The one which I had been playing with is gonna take place in my office at work. I don't know how much time will it take, but if this is a reason for me to be rejected, then let it be, but I have no other choice actually. Lot of you I guess are working, so actually you guys will understand me imo. Sorry. :(