BreeZe. CodJumper application [Closed]

  • Ingame name - BreeZe.

    birthday - 26/01/1992

    Hardest map completed - Mp_Newgate (hard)

    Gap record - no idea to be fair have not really tested my self on that.

    Language - English + the use of google translate ;)

    Why i want to join 3xp - Reason why i want to join 3xp is because, ive been playing cod4 for many years, you will my hours on the stats page is very low its because of a new pc i got last year so getting back in CJ.. trying to be as good as Noob, should not be too hard eh ;) 3xp is the probably the best server on cod4, i do also play on JH but not too often. i try to help others when i can and i speak to people with respect. have a bit of a banter sure. otherwise i would be a boring person. i did previously apply for trusted but never succeeded because i dont really talk a lot on the server. i just like to play but now im trying to type to people make my self known ect ect. you seem like a great bunch of lads anyways and would love to join .

    Statistics page -

    steam page - don't really use just because i use discord.

    About me - well my name is Shawn, come from Essex the Towie ends, hang my self. im 26 working for virgin media as an installer, i dont really do much other than work and spend time with my misses and as im whipped as fuck. lads don't get a girlfriends it fucks life up! other than that.. i love spending time with family and try and game as much as i can. i also like my holidays abroad, been many places.. Cuba Turkey Egypt and going Canada in September so immm a travel the world. kind of music.. anything that has a good beat i will listen too but my fav is most likely dance and DnB. did have a social life but then got engaged... love her to pieces though. so shes still ass.. spend majority of my time wither or at work. anyways thats my life really bit boring but its growing up eh! thank you!

    Other gaming Clans - well codjumper - JT| , eBc , Styx ,
    General clan - ISDP , MSG , VSG.

    agreement and rules - i accept and will follow all rules and procedures.

    peace out and thank you <3

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