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    Hello, my ingame name is Treaxer. My real name is Abdulallah.
    About me:
    My birthday is the 1/16/1996
    I am from Saudi Arabia,I live in A Farm. I can speak English
    My hobbies include Long Walks To The Fridge.
    I am intelligent and outspoken, and never swear without a proper reason.
    About my gaming history:
    {{HISTORY AT ALL}}I have played so many games and it would be really annoying to list them all.
    {{HISTORY OF COD4}}I started to play Call Of Duty 4 in 2010. At that time .
    {{HISTORY OF COD4 MODS/CJ/ETC}}I initially became interested in bugs in games when a friend showed me how to do my first elevator. After that, I tried to find other bugs and secrets.
    This is how I learned about jumps.
    The first map I finished was - mp_descent
    {some history about how u play cj. gave up and returnings)i've played in eBc while ago 2014. when eBc died i Quit. then i came back in 2016.and the first server I found was - 3xP' CodJumper.
    Maps I have finished:
    (mystic v3 Dark v3)
    My gap record:
    My stats page:

    The reasons I would like to join the 3xP'CodJumper Team:
    Firstly, this is the team that taught me about cj and I really appreciate that.
    Secondly, I want to help other people learn about cj.
    Thirdly, I want to join the friendly team :D.
    My map mp_galaxy member test record:
    I agree to respect all rules, and follow them.
    Most of the team may not know me too well, but I'm sure that we'll become great friends :D
    Thanks, for reading this thread "Treaxer "CJ Application"
    See you on server!
    Steam: Treaxer
    Skype: Obscure.Admirer

  • Stats page link in his app is wrong.

    As far as I know he has 2 accounts:

    When you are ready for the test, contact me, Drizz, Noob or Viruz!

    #passed test in 1:40!

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