angrrrz/fatality polite unban request :)

  • 55d6b7d0
    no recoil hack (ak-74u)

    What did you do before you got banned: Shooting/Strafing/Camping/Random Shooting/Bouncing? Nothing at all, haven't played on 3xp for over a year.
    Is/was your game laggy or was the server laggy: Nope always smooth.
    Do you have a good pc: Yes 333 locked
    Do you have a high ping: Yes 110-130, from the US
    Map: No clue
    Position on the map: No clue
    Do you use special scripts/bind like autofire/mousewheel shooting/tap fire/reponse trigger/fast shoot/weapswitch/...: Nope, just a fast finger :)

    My 3xp stats page:

    Banned account from someone else with the same GUID 
    The banned account lives in CZ, while I live in the US, I guess the ban is from my GUID/cd key? Thought I used this cd-key even before I quit CJ/DR though so I don't know. Use to play with guys like Faze Buster, Mike, gENZ, ZeeZ, Amnesia, Ovecka, Beta, [9] Boss and such on the servers and just want to see whatsup :)