[Call of Duty 4] AlterEgo (Steam: CJAlterEgo)

  • Hey !

    My in-game name is AlterEgo and my first name is István.
    I live in Hungary , and i was born on 7th July, 1999.
    Currently, I'm a 11th grade high school student, studying to be an engineer. I do workout in my free time, along with playing pc games , such as CoD4, and very rarely DayZ.

    My gaming history (pasted from AlterEgo's CJ Application)

    The reason why i want to join ,is that im already a member of the cj team , but i would like to become a normal member and
    help the community with stuffs that i can do:
    -Edit videos ( im still a beginner in it , but trying to produce videos )
    -Providing demos for montages
    -Making maps
    -Little bit of scripting and modding
    -Texturing , skinning

    Im on the ts server daily , but you can find me here also :STEAM PROFILE LINK , Statpage link : 3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details

    There is more information about me in my CodJumper team application and if you have a question , you know my steam :P


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