[ PS ]Killer Application for 3xP' Kill the King Team

  • Hello community!

    I am [ PS ]Killer, in real life my name is Jolan. I live in Palestine, to be more exact in Ramallah-Palestine in the Palestine.
    At the moment I am 14 years old (date of birth: 17.10.2002) and I am still in school (9th grade) .

    That was my personal information, now my gaming career:
    My first shooter was Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare which went along with me until today.

    That was my intention, if you now want to get in contact with me, this are the best ways:
    Skype: PS Killer
    Facebook : JKiller PS

    To come to an end, I will give you now the last terms wanted in 3xP' Apllication System:
    3xP' stats profile link: 3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details

    Thank you very much for reading this, feel free to ask questions!

    Kind regards,

    [ PS ]Killer

  • At first i think you are too young.
    Second i think u didnt read app process.
    Third we dont have a kill the king team.

  • hi again
    why there isn't a kill the king team ? , why i cant be a 3xp' member ? , i know i am young but i am very good player and i will work to make this server better and more beautiful, and I'll try to make this server is full of players , and i like this server and i always when i see someone play i join to play with him .

    I apologize for my mistake in my post " I am Borrow ", i didn't see it i won't make a mistake again .

    I will be always online in this server if you accept me to be member and if you won't accept me i will be online and active always , but i hope you will accept me and make me a member in this server .