Trusted player application-.|YALE|.

  • hi everyone :)

    its .|YALE|. I live in Zagreb,Croatia, im 15 i was born on 09.09.2000. And i love playing games,listening to music and I love tech. Cod4 is one of my favourite games i play gta san andreas,league of legends,ps3 and stuff

    my gaming history started when i was little, when i started playing ps1 and ps2 so I couldnt stop playing then i transfered to pc and started playing games like cod4 and league of legends. few years ago i bought ps3 and i loved it so i didnt play pc much and when ps3 got bored i decided to play pc again and i love playing promod,dr,cj,sniper only,....

    stats: 3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details

    I want to be trusted player so I can help people and clean server from hackers and afkers and stuff

    you can contact me on my skype:jakovperich or with pm bcs i will be active few times a day or ts3

    I have read and I agree with all rules/threads

    3xP' CoD4 server rules

    You've been accepted as Trusted player/Trial member - Read.

    Premade kick/ban reasons

    i hope i will get this trusted player, ty <3

  • Honestly, i just think you don't know what you want... You just clearly apply for cj team and then you can't do the member test, after u realise u need to do it you are like ''no i dont wan't cj team i just want something''

    Also, on your cj member apply it says ''born 09.09.1999" here it says "born 09.09.2000"
    So i really don't know if u are saying the truth ? ?(

    Anyways, i want to see other opinions about you. I don't even know what to say at the moment...

    nUKA X/

  • Hi, .|YALE|.

    I honestly don't know what you want... you asked on the server 'What role is better? Trusted, member or CJ. It's not about what is 'Better' it's what you think will suit you best and where you belong.

    I have to agree with MicroTom... you first applied for CJ-Team and when you found out you didn't full fill the requirements you considered applying for 'Trusted player' instead.

    As MicroTom also mentioned, I noticed on your previous app you stated you were 16 born 09.09.1999 although here it states 09.09.2000 and that you're 15?

    Once you had applied for CJ-Team and noticed you needed the 100 hours requirement you proceeded to farm hours which you were kicked for a number of times by a few members as it shows here: 3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details


    I hope you understand where I am coming from and for the following reasons, you have my No.

  • Well.. from what i noticed and read.. i can just agree to Jayme and MicroTom and cant really add much to it.

    The sentence

    ''no i dont wan't cj team i just want something''

    Just makes me think about that you "just want something" for the status to show something off. Just my opinion how it seems for me right now.

    My hint for you:

    Rethink why they should take you as trusted instead of someone else.
    Its like a job need to convince them."To help people and clean" is a very basic sentence.
    Tell 'em...
    - How do you help?
    - Any experience with mod commands on cod4 servers or general adminstration experience in other games?
    - etc.

    Good Luck anyway with your application


  • i think i deserver trusted bcs i am very active and i play alot and i was admin on few deathrun servers and few promod servers and nobody was complaining about me or anything because i was doing my admin job good but you as i see dont believe me and u think i just want that rank to show off but i dont...

  • The lack of information you had, when you applied which people needed to tell you that you know makes me think that you dont have that much motivation behind your applications, even if you would have wanted to be trusted or member from the beginning on, instead of cj team member.
    You clearly wrote a cj team app, in the process thread is said multiple times that the appsection is for cj team, which u didnt read in total, also i didnt notice you before u applied on this server.

    Also Trusted players should be well known in the community and i didnt saw you being part of any conversations on the server.
    You only play on the servers (can just talk for cj), which isnt enough for being a member or trusted player.

    Also there seems to be a lack of support from our community for you, which makes me think that they think the same.
    We decided to not accept you.